10 Things To Do In St.Louis When You’re Not At TransWorld

Posted 02 Mar 2011 in HAUNT NEWS

So you’ve got your registration in order. Your passes are sitting safely in your multi-coded security safe. You’ve booked your plane tickets and/or hotel rooms. You are eagerly awaiting TransWorld like a kid before Halloween. Ready to pounce and react. But have you thought about what you’re going to do when visions of zombies and bloody corpses aren’t dancing in your head? St.Louis is a wonderful city with soul and spirit and this would be a wonderful opportunity to explore all those things. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

  1. Go to InSane sHane’s Party: Thursday night. It starts at 7:30 pm. And it’s at the Renaissance Grand Hotel Crystal Ball Room. $95 a person. With many extra benefits.
  2. Go watch the Shock Illusionist Dan Sperry. Friday night. A 7:00 pm show and a 11:00 pm show.
  3. Go up inside the Arch. Daily Tours. 9-5 pm. Not sure of the price. But who doesn’t want to go to the top of the Arch?
  4. Go to a casino. Lumiere Place or Harrah’s. The two closest one’s. Make sure you save some money for buying props.
  5. Get your party on at The Landing. A historical area on the riverfront with pure charm and entertainment. Food, drinks, music, and people like you.
  6. TransWorld’s Opening Night Industry Party. Thursday night. 5:3o-7:30. Free with your registration.
  7. Haunted House Behind the Scene Tour: The Darkness, Terror Visions 3D and Lemp Brewery. Thursday 7:30-10:30 pm.
  8. Haunted Attraction Association Auction & Party: Friday night. 5:30-7:30pm. Free to attend and bid on all types of haunt stuff.
  9. The City Museum. Anyone with an imagination has to see this place. They are even open until 1 am on Friday and Saturday night.
  10. Go eat at Pappy’s Smokehouse or Bogart’s Smokehouse! You can’t leave St.Louis without eating real St.Louis BBQ. Or an order of toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake.

I want to give thanks to Lauren Lobosky for her input on this post. A St.Louis resident, Rotting Flesh Radio Casket Crew Member, and fellow Haunter. See you at the party sister!

Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. DarkSyde Acres
    03 March 11, 9:21pm

    great list of things to do…. Thanx for taking the time to put it up.

    • 03 March 11, 10:14pm

      Thanks for the comment. I love this stuff! My wife and kids get tired of zombie talk all the time. Sorry honey…

  2. Fear Unfathomed
    02 March 11, 8:49pm

    Hmm I know the Cards are in spring training right now, but when I checked their schedule, it said they had home games. Maybe I checked it too fast and missed something.

    Great post!! 🙂

    • 03 March 11, 6:44am

      No problem Sassy. There are tons of stuff to do in St.Louis. Maybe you can start your own private tour company for TransWorld attendees to get around…:-)

  3. Ricky
    02 March 11, 8:26pm

    Hmmmm the wax museum, the digital light and sound haunted house.

    • 03 March 11, 6:42am

      Aahhh…I was going to put you in the post but wasn’t sure. Never been so I was kinda unsure. Are you a complete Haunt? And love the wax museum idea…where is that?

      • ricky
        03 March 11, 9:31am

        Oh im not affiliated with that haunt or compnay at all. Sorry. Just passing along info I had seen.

        • 03 March 11, 3:39pm

          So have you been to the digital light and sound?

  4. ricky
    02 March 11, 3:25pm

    I hate to burst bubble but the Cardinals are in Florida for spring training not in St Louis.

    • 02 March 11, 6:51pm

      Thanks for the good eye. I added another idea. There is so much to do in St.Louis and to narrow it down is difficult. You have any good ideas about where to go?

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