The Vision of Scary Visions

I remember my first real Haunted Attraction when I was 16. Scared out of my mind! The old Liberty Theater. An abandoned theater built in the early 1900’s. Solid red brick construction with weathered white Jester faces staring down at me. Their evil smirks seemed to be laughing at my foolishness of being scared. The windows were all broken and the J.C’s had left the old candy trapped in the dusty display cases. The odor of mildew and coldness crept from beneath the heavy crimson drapes that divided the theater. I could feel history all around me as I was pushed deeper into the belly of the beast. I could feel my pulse in my throat- I knew I was going to die…

…after many Haunted Attractions later and growing wiser through the years, I decided that this was who I wanted to be when I grew up. Halloween lover to Commercial Haunter to Home Haunter/Blogger/Podcaster. Even though I work a normal job- I can’t help how excited I get when I talk about scaring people. I turn on tunnel vision when I am acting, building, or writing. I am always teaching myself new ways of discovering the world around me. If the topic has anything to do with haunting, scary, or different…my ears usually perk up.

I want my mission to be about informing you on topics in this small but enormous tribe called the Haunt Community. I want to provide entertainment for the first time home haunters and to the veteran mentors who may not know everything…. I know I don’t. I will include interviews with top leaders in the Haunt/Halloween Industry, real-time action tips for using in your Haunt, and creative ideas to keep you on your game. Feel free to offer to guest post, offer ideas, and share current news that other haunters need to know. We are all united because we share a dark passion that a lot of others do not understand. So we tend to feel comfortable around other weird people who like to make scared people wet themselves. This is who we are. This is who I am…

After starting I met Darryl Plunkie from from Canada and we had this crazy idea to start a website about the topics in the Haunt/Halloween Industry. We felt that there needed to be a Central Hub for all things related to the Haunt Industry. We created as the platform. After compiling months of information our website couldn’t keep up with the demand for your interest and a new site is under construction. You can still find the recent one here:


This also the home of our Podcast/Radio Show: HaunTopic Radio. We release new episodes on the 6th, 16th, &26th of each month. Each with a new topic from the Haunt/Halloween Industry. We are also on iTunes & Stitcher Radio. You can SUBSCRIBE for FREE here:


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I look forward to sharing new ideas & topics with you in the months ahead. Stay tuned for some new stuff we have up our sleeves, more interviews with other talented Haunters, & please contact me for some good ole’ fashion socializing.

“Share the Scare”- Brian Foreman

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  1. 23 August 13, 8:18pm

    Hi Brian,
    Love your website and what you do. Halloween and all-year-round haunting is not nearly as big here in Australia but we still like a good fright.
    I’ve share my blogsite (the spectre collector) with you in case there’s anything there that takes your fancy and might be able to use on your podcast. If there is, let me know and I’m more than happy to send you some sample audio files to listen to.
    Just signed up for your newsletter and am intriuged to read more.
    Thanks from down under,
    Ron Jon

    • 06 September 13, 5:59am

      Thanks Ron for the kind words. How is Halloween celebrated in Australia?

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