A Year in Audio. Secret Haunter Interviews, Ideas for Your Haunt, & Scary 2013.

Posted 07 Jan 2013 in PODCASTS

In Episode 35 we round up the year 2012 with some hidden tracks and some secret interviews with a few folk in the Halloween/Haunt Industry. From Transworld Halloween & Haunt Show we have interviews with Allen Hopps from StiltBeast Studios and Dorothy Creamer from Selling Halloween Magazine. We also dive into a few topics like “Favorite Haunt Tools”, “If You Were a Prop”, & “What Are you Scared Of?”. Many tracks that we couldn’t fit into the podcasts of 2012 but still good stuff! Guess you’ll have to trust me…

If you enjoyed 2012 then you’re going to love 2013.

Happy New Year from me & Darryl to you. Hope you have a great 2013!!

Stay tuned for the next episode on January 16th where will be announcing the winners of the 3 Haunted Halloween Calendars from Hector Turner and the updates to the “Haunt Start-Up 101” Course.

Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. 09 January 13, 8:19am

    Hi, thanks for another great episode. I was wondering what is the piece of music you played on this podcast just after the 18 minute mark (right after the Batman clip)? It is probably Midnight Syndicate, but if it is, it’s one of their albums I don’t yet have.

    Thanks for the info and keep up the great work.

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