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The main struggle for many new Haunted Attraction Owners is building a quality show without lots of money to do it. In this online workshop, we will show you how we built and started our Haunted Attraction Business with a very tight budget and get you started down the right road to start yours.

Live online video workshop on February, 13th 2018. Video replays include. $25

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Here are a just few things you’ll learn:

  • How to find a low-cost location for your Haunt.
  • Easy to apply design ideas to save you thousands.
  • The 5 main areas to spend money your first few years.
  • Where to spend your marketing dollars during Haunt Season.

All questions will be answered during this online workshop. Recordings available after live presentation.

Information about this online workshop:

  • Watch and listen on any digital device. Your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • We are live. Not a recording. We will be answering your questions.
  • You get access to the video and audio replays forever.

Haunt Stories from the Dead Factory and the Deadmonton Haunted House

If you’re like us, you never get tired of stories from Haunt Season. We never get tired of talking about it. Here are the highlights from our experiences as Co-owner of the Dead Factory Haunted House (Brian Foreman) in Missouri and Manager of the Deadmonton Haunted House (Darryl Plunkie) in Canada.

Haunted House stories

Deadmonton Haunted House (Edmonton AB Canada)

“The first haunted house I’ve been to! Waited in line for a few hours but worth it! Actors walked around while we were in line to scare us, so awesome. The haunted house was so well done! Scared me so much, jumped so much, laughed so much. Well done!! So much fun! Well worth the price and the wait!!” –Kayla Bourgoin

“Wonderfully terrifying experience. Arrive early in the day to get a good place in line, unless you’re willing to dish for speed passes. Crazy amounts of imagination go into this 45 minute plus experience. Try not to rush through, but be forewarned. . Do not walk to slowly either :/” –Kristine Lynn Bowman


Dead Factory Haunted House (Mexico, Missouri)

“I’ve been through the super fancy haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios – Orlando, and The Dead Factory blew those big budget houses away.

The actors are superb, the scared are bone chilling, and you can feel the level of care that they put into their craft.

This will most definitely become an annual tradition. A huge thanks to everyone who made this entertainment possible.” –Charles Dallas Parrott

“We just got done going through the house and I am still shaking. I ran out of there as fast as I could and I am not going to have a voice tomorrow! So much fun! You can tell these guys love what they do! Awesome price awesome & people check it out!” –Claudia Holt


Listen to how we made it through Haunt Season here.

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HAuNTcon 2018-New Orleans

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Scare Acting Stories and Managing The Dead Factory Haunted House

In this one hour audio podcast episode, you will learn haunted house scare acting ideas from Darryl Plunkie (my co-host and scare actor at Dedmonton House) and pick up a few tips from (me) Brian Foreman on Managing the Dead Factory Haunted House in Mexico, Missouri.


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Dead Factory Haunted House-Dedmonton House


Scare Acting Stories and Ideas from Deadmonton House

Darryl Plunkie, co-host of HaunTopic Radio and Haunted House Scare Actor at Deadmonton House-Canada, knows his way around a Haunted Attraction. Passionate about Horror and Halloween most of his life, he has helped many themed events prepare before the big show by decorating and filling the rooms with a warm body whenever Scare Acting duty calls.

Darryl believes in not just scaring the patron walking through the Haunt but to ENTERTAIN the patron. “People are either paying with their money or their time….sometimes making them laugh can get them off guard just enough and sets them up for the next scare. If you can’t scare them, make them at least remember you.”

Darryl also throws in Things to Say as a Scare Actor, What to do in an Emergency, and Scare Tactics You Can Try.



Managing the Dead Factory Haunted House

I have been doing this thing called ‘Haunting’ since I was a teenager but didn’t really know it was a thing until around 2004. I started out as a volunteer Scare Actor helping my brother at a local area Haunted House. When that place closed down, we decided to build an outdoor haunt behind my brother’s property called Backwoods Terror. That lasted a few years until circumstances led for us to shut the doors on that haunt venture. I moved on to decorating my garage for trick-or-treaters (called Home Haunting) and practiced my decorating and scaring techniques for a few more years.

This all led up to The Dead Factory in Mexico, Missouri. This is where I am Co-owner, manager, decorator, and wear many other hats as a Hauntrepreneur.

I go over Staying Flexible as a Haunt Manager, Where we are spending our budget next year, and a peek behind the doors of my Haunted Attraction- The Dead Factory.



Bonus Material in this podcast

  • Marketing ideas from Tyler Barnett and Philip Hernandez (Marketing Monday-Haunted Attraction Network)
  • A sample soundtrack from inside The Dead Factory Haunted House.
  • 3 NEW HAUNT HAPPENINGS from within the Haunted Attraction Industry


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HaunTopic Radio 2017: New things, happenings, and projects for HaunTopic

Expect great things for HaunTopic Radio in 2017! Behind-the-scare interviews with professionals in the Haunted Attraction Industry, helpful advice to grow your Haunt from other Haunters, and a brand new website focused on those who want to start & grow their haunted attraction business.



Man!! What a crazy Haunt Season! How was your October??

I had planned to release more podcast episodes in September and October but the Dead Factory grabbed a hold of me and didn’t let go. What started as a few small additions to our Haunt grew into over another 1,000 square feet of spiders and cemetery. We built more wall panels, added an effective spider area, and turned our small cemetery scene into a small indoor corn maze. Now the Dead Factory is over 7,000 square feet!

What originally started out as an idea quickly grew into a huge addition to our 20 minute walk-through. But we will have more episodes on that coming soon. As well as stories and highlights from our co-host Darryl Plunkie’s adventures up there in Canada. Stay tuned for those podcast episodes coming soon.


What’s NEW for HaunTopic Radio in 2017?


Audio Episodes focused on starting and growing your Haunt:  Whether you’re a Pro Level Attraction searching for new ideas to take your Haunt to the next level or a Home Haunt that would love to be a bigger Haunted Attraction one day; you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom inside our podcasts.


A NEW website focused on Starting and Growing a Haunted Attraction:  I started last year and realized building this vision in my head was going to take a lot longer than I thought. This vision will be complete in 2017! This website will include a free membership for you if you want access to our Haunt Video Library and include a free Haunter Dashboard. This website will also have a paid membership feature that will grant you instant access to all of our Haunt Video Training Seminars, Live Training Seminars, and discounts on Haunt supplies and events. (Coming Soon)

Our current haunt training videos at $25 will not be for sale after the is live. They will be packaged into the new paid membership options. (Current customers will still have access.)


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We are looking forward to helping you be the best Haunter that you can be. And we thank you for sticking with us through the years and being a loyal listener to over 100 podcast episodes of HaunTopic Radio! You rock!!


3 Christmas Tracks from Midnight Syndicate in this podcast!

midnight syndicate christmas a ghostly gathering

Leonard Pickel: Chicago Frights, HAuNTcon, and Improving Your Haunted Attraction

Leonard Pickel, considered by many as the ‘Godfather of the Haunt Industry’, fills this one hour interview with behind-the-scenes information about his Haunted Attraction Conventions and a few ways to make your Haunted House successful just by tweaking a few things that many Haunters are doing wrong.


chicago frights haunt convention

Chicago Frights

Chicago Frights is a great opportunity for haunters to pick up last second training, ideas and products before the Halloween season kicks in. Chicago Frights includes networking opportunities such as a huge costume party Saturday night, top-notch educational seminars, hands-on workshops and training sessions focusing on the operational needs of haunters, like set dressing, lighting, makeup and actor training. Plus, a dealer and vendor room to buy or sell those fright products before October.

Chicago Frights takes place July 29th to July 31st at the Georgios Quality Inn and Suites Convention Center in Orland Park, Illinois.


HAuNTcon 2017

HAuNTcon 2017

HAuNTcon 2017 will be held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel and Conference Center in Nashville Tennessee January 28- 30. The 2 day pre-show haunt tour will kick off Wednesday the 25th (Haunts to be announced).

The three Spotlight tours for HAuNTcon 20127 include Haunted Hell Nashville on Thursday night January 26th,  Nashville Nightmare Saturday January 28th and Slaughterhouse January 29th.

Education and trade show Friday January 27 through Sunday January  29th, with the all day advanced education on Monday January 30th. As always, all seminars  are included in the price of the conference and there are over 50 hours of  creative, business, demo and workshop sessions to choose from over the 3 days of haunter education. (Workshops require a materials fee and there is an up charge for the Monday all day advanced sessions.

haunted attraction design

Haunted Attraction Design Tips from Leonard Pickel:

  • Design your rooms with your actors in mind. What is the scare?
  • Design from the Inside Out. What is the function of the room?
  • Shorten the patron’s sight line to keep them guessing.
  • When using a back story, stay with the time period and design around that story.
  • Attend Haunt Shows to network and share design ideas.


Click here to listen to this audio episode with Leonard.