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There are quite a few unique Haunted Attraction Podcasts and Audio Shows out there on the internet today, each with their own style and value. Haunt Weekly is one of those shows. Jonathan Bailey & Crystal Ramey produce one audio show each week that covers one specific topic within the haunt industry. They dig deep into subjects such as Scare Actor Training, Haunted Attraction Safety, and Industry News. Plus new podcast topics each week. It gets me excited to see what topic their coming up with next! We also cover other Haunted Attraction Podcasts you may not know about.

Inside the West Coast Haunters Convention & Nightmare Factory with Ed Roberts

The West Coast Haunters Convention | Portland,Oregon | April 29 to May 1 | Doubletree Hilton

The West Coast Haunters Convention is the longest running convention for Home Haunters, Professional Haunters, and Halloween Fanatics on the West Coast. Located in Portland, Oregon at the Lloyd Center inside the Hilton Doubletree Hotel. The dates for 2016 are April 29th through May 1st. The WCHC is at year seven and Ed Roberts doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

west coast haunters convention

In this episode of HaunTopic Radio, we get Ed Roberts on the Haunt Line to chat about the new things for the West Coast Haunters Convention in 2016, the projects going on at the Nightmare Factory, and how escape rooms are changing the haunted attraction industry.

We also announce our partnership with the Haunted Attraction Network and how you can listen to other podcasts related to the haunt industry with a different point of view.


west coast haunters costume ball

Skip forward to the end of the podcast to listen to Scene 5 of The Night Keep: Heretica plus hear a few tunes from The Night Keep through the episode. The back story to this music is getting pretty scary. Make sure to go back and listen to the past 4 podcasts to start at the beginning.

ed roberts west coast haunters convention

Bottom Line: If you’re a Haunter and live close to Oregon, or have means to get there, the West Coast Haunters Convention is definitely a place to stay for a few days. Take advantage of the haunt education, nighttime activity, trade show floor, and everything else the WCHC has to offer.

And shoot Ed with a few foam darts for us when you see him. Please??


WCHC is one of our funnest shows. It’s more laid back than other shows and has more of a family atmosphere with home haunters as well as pro haunters. Ed Roberts and his crew are great! They have a nice setup for vendors and take good care if them. Plus it benefits the School for the Deaf. My only suggestion would be to make it a two day show instead of three. And Portland is beautiful …and no sales tax! (Why can’t other states do this?) ~Patrick Voss (VFXCreates.com)

Haunted House Scare Acting Ideas with Brian and Darryl

Scare acting in a Haunted House is a lot different than acting in a play or on television.

You have to be flexible in all areas of the haunt, work in challenging environments, and be up close to the spectators. Scare actors are one of the most valuable assets to your Haunted Attraction business. In this podcast episode of HaunTopic Radio, we discuss our adventures this past haunt season and share some scare acting ideas that you can use next season.

We also talk about Scare Acting Techniques, Switching Up Your Haunted Attraction for Next Year, and Managing Throughput & Your Queue Line.

And your co-host Darryl Plunkie is going to HAuNTcon!! Make sure to say Hello if you see him!!

Scare acting ideas

Midnight Syndicate stops by this podcast and drops off some new Creepy Christmas tunes from their new CD Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering. We play their tracks Christmas Overture, Up On a Rooftop, and Into the Stillness.

midnight syndicate christmas a ghostly gathering

We wish you Happy Holidays and may you seek comfort in those around you..and in this audio podcast. 🙂


Haunt Stories with Darryl & Brian (plus Christmas Midnight Syndicate Tunes)


Where have we been?? 

Deep in Haunt madness and Halloween overload! With me (Brian Foreman) opening a new Haunted Attraction this year called The Dead Factory and Darryl Plunkie scare acting most of October…we kinda got locked into ‘Haunter Tunnel Vision’. But now we’re back. And we got some Haunt Stories to tell….

dead factory haunted house-haunt stories
(My New Haunt in Mexico, Missouri)

With many benefits to you as a HaunTopic Radio listener because we will share our experience and lessons learned along this podcast and throughout many more episodes. We even had to split this episode into two parts just to squeeze in our Haunt Stories from this Haunt Season!

In this episode, we discuss my journey on Starting a Haunted Attraction and what I learned this first year. We discuss Darryl’s Scare Acting Principles to Live By and How Not to Burn Out before October is over. And what we plan on doing at our Haunts for next Haunt season.


And we play some Christmas Tunes from Midnight Syndicate’s new CD: Christmas A Ghostly Gathering. 

midnight syndicate christmas a ghostly gatheringThis new CD features the band’s unique twist on classic holiday carols blended with new and original material.

Our goal was to treat each song in a way that would merge familiarity with originality,” said Gavin Goska. “There are definitely recognizable elements, but plenty of additional original material as well. It also incorporates the widest instrument palette we’ve used to date and represents what we consider to be the most varied collection of songs we’ve ever released. There are serenely beautiful moments along more intense, darker tracks, and the end result is a thoroughly compelling and involving listening experience.

With so many Christmas-themed albums out there, we wanted to make this collection uniquely our own,” added Edward Douglas. “I think we were able to do that.” (To buy this new CD go to MidnightSyndicate.com)

Listen to our podcast to hear 3 mystery tracks from Christmas A Ghostly Gathering! Listen Here.

deadmonton haunted house-haunt stories
(Darryl’s home during October. Deadmonton Haunted House.)



Create a Custom Video for Your Haunted House with Chris Conlon from Venom VFX

Venom VFX-prop controllers-video trailers

Using video for your Haunted House or Haunted Attraction is a priority with today’s electronic devices and social media channels. ‘Coming Soon’ trailers, Hi-Definition Videos for your marketing, and Documentary-style on location videos are popular with today’s top haunted attractions. Your customers want to see pictures and video of your attraction before they go. They want social proof that your show is the best one to spend money at. Having an updated professional looking website to put everything together is still a requirement.

Venom VFX Chris Conlon Haunt CommercialsWe interview Chris Conlon from Venom VFX, a visual effects & prop controller company, about how to capture the best moments in your show and create a custom video for you to show off your Haunt. Venom VFX can make custom HD video trailers, television commercials, introduction videos, video documentaries, websites, logos, prop controllers, and much more. We also discuss Scare Acting, Ways To Improve Your Haunt, and some secret information on McKamey Manor!

If you are reading this before May 31, 2015…USE CODE ‘MHC’ TO GET 15% OFF at VenomVFX.COM

We also include a list of a few Haunt conventions/shows coming up, Me & Darryl discuss a few horror stories from the past, we play some twisted tunes from Sam Haynes new CD “The Incredible Dark Carnival”, and drop some more gory nuggets throughout the podcast.

So if you’re in need for a short introduction high definition video for your Haunt, a custom logo/website, or a prop controller….give Venom VFX a try.

But the real question…….Are you using video in your Haunt Marketing???

Haunt Topics in this Podcast Episode


We’ll Scare Ya Next Time!!!


Phobia13 Trailer by Venom VFX