Ghostly Manor: One Of America’s Best Haunts

Posted 09 Oct 2011 in HAUNT NEWS, HAUNT VIDEOS

Who would have thought dressing up 24 years ago as Elvira and a Monster during Halloween Trick or Treating would have evolved into owning and operating a year round Haunted House recognized as one of Americas Best Haunts?  Bill & Jayme Criscione, owners of Ghostly Manor Thrill Center in Sandusky Ohio didn’t get there overnight.  In fact, opening night for Ghostly Manor was on a Thursday night in September of 2001 … not a good time for a Haunted House advertising terror, horror and fear. Founded in 2001, Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is an indoor, multi-attraction family entertainment center, dedicated to providing safe, thrilling entertainment at minimal cost to patrons. Located three miles away from Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, Ghostly...

How To Be A Horror Host: Watch “American Scary”

Posted 31 Jul 2011 in HAUNT VIDEOS

AMERICAN SCARY is a look at the nation’s tradition of horror hosting; from Zacherley to A. Ghastlee Ghoul. With interviews and footage from major hosts from the 1950s to the present day. Such as Zacherley, Vampira, Ghoulardi and others; along with memories from celebrities and fans who were influenced by these hosts. You’ll follow this American folk art form from its glamorous beginnings, through repeated waves of popularity in the 1960s and 1970s to its scrappy resurgence and survival in the current age of cable access and the Internet. American Scary looks to remind people how much fun local TV could be — and maybe could be again.

5 Places To Find Free Special Effects Information (and still live to tell about it)


On my quest to find useful special effects resources for haunTopic and this blog, I uncovered a few websites and YouTube channels that you must check out if you’re looking for the latest in techniques, materials, or guidance. These sites offer a little bit of everything in the special effects area. BITY Mold Supply: Not only are these guys suppliers of awesome molding supplies and special effects materials; they provide some informative videos to help you with your next molding or special effects project. Backyard FX: An indy film website that focuses on low-budget effects but also has some Halloween related episodes that us Haunters can apply to our haunts. Click on this link to watch a video on...

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