How To Use Sound in Your Haunt with Ken Webster from Sinful Audio

sinful audio sound fxCreating an immersive environment for your Haunted House is very important. Using sound and audio effects within your attraction can make your attendees feel that they are actually somewhere else. Sound taps into one of your five senses and adds to the overall impact of your show. You wouldn’t operate your haunt without lighting….you shouldn’t open your show without having a believable audio atmosphere.

Sinful Audio creates audio sound effects and custom soundtracks for Haunted Attractions and horror movies. We interview Ken Webster from Sinful Audio and get some tips on adding an audible experience to your haunted house. You can also purchase Ken’s sound effects that he has listed on his website or hire Ken to create a custom soundtrack just for your haunted event. We also play a few samples from Ken’s audio library of creepiness….so make sure you tune in.

We also have an exclusive interview with Kelsey Meeks founder of Ween Dream straight from theween dream costumesTransworld Halloween & Attractions Show. Ween Dream is a non-profit organization that provides costumes to children who can’t afford to go out on Halloween or who are limited by their physical and mental abilities. Yes…there are children out there that have never trick-or-treated before. Take a few of your extra costumes and donate them to a great cause!

We also throw in some twisted tunes and sound effects from Sinful Audio. A few free creepy audible environments and sound bytes that you can use in your haunt this year. Still make sure you check out Ken’s website and purchase a few compilations of your own. He has new soundtracks coming out this year.

Haunt Topics in this podcast episode:

We hope you enjoy this audio podcast of HaunTopic Radio and take advantage of all the sound resources around you. Create a great audio atmosphere for your Haunted House this year and donate some of your costumes to children who need to experience Halloween for the first time.

…..and we’ll Scare Ya Next Time!


Designing Knotts Scary Farm with Jon Cooke (and a Transworld Show Update)

Knotts Scary FarmDesigning and building a Haunted Attraction is challenging. So how does one manage “160 Acres of Horror”??

Jonathan Cooke, one of the masterminds at Knotts Scary Farm, joins us in this episode of HaunTopic Radio and shares some of his creativity and ideas for operating such a huge event at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Every year Knott’s turns their entire amusement park into darkly themed scare attractions. (Yes…that means tearing down and setting up each year. 160 acres!)

Knotts Scary Farm, aka Halloween Haunt, started back in 1973 as a 3 day attraction and now has become a very popular month long event. One not to miss.

Jennifer Braverman, event coordinator and owner of the Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show, also stops by to fill us in on the new stuff going on at the trade show this year. New FREE meeting rooms for Haunters, hotel arrangements, new registration packages, and more!Transworld halloween & attraction show

The Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show is hosted in St.Louis, Missouri on March 19-23 and attracts Haunted Attraction owners, theme park designers, and Halloween enthusiasts as well. However, Transworld is geared more as a trade show for buyers and serious Haunters.

We play some twisted tunes from the horror masters Midnight Syndicate and cover some tips in finding a location for your Haunted Attraction in this episode’s Haunter’s Toolbox. If you’re looking for ideas and steps to find a property for your Haunt, this online seminar may help. Location. Location! How to find the perfect spot for your Haunted Attraction.


Jon Cooke Knotts Berry FarmHaunt Topics in this episode:


So… go visit Knott’s Scary Farm in Bueno Park, CA one October. Make sure to attend the Transworld Halloween & Attractions show or another Haunt Show somewhere. And always strive to be a better haunter in your journey and continue to learn everything you can along the way.

We’ll scare ya later!!

Marketing & Building Fearfest Haunted House with Owner Greg Allen

As a seasoned Haunt Owner or a first time Haunt Manager, you know thFear Fest Haunted House Columbia MOat it is difficult to increase attendance each season and also save money on marketing. What if there was a way to do both at the same time?

Greg Allen, owner of Fearfest Haunted House in Columbia-MO, meets us in the dungeon for some secret tips and tactics to get more with your marketing dollar. He also shares the struggles he went through those first years as a new Haunt Owner. After 11 years of managing Fearfest, he is still fine tuning his skills but has learned a lot from experimentation and some failures along the way.

You also get a behind-the-scenes audio exclusive as I recorded a LIVE WALK THROUGH while we went through the Forbidden Haunted House within Fearfest.

Yes…me, my wife, and my 16 year old son get startled and the girls in front of us screamed a lot! Make sure you listen to this episode to hear us scream.


Here are a few things you will discover in this episode of HaunTopic Radio:

  • How Greg saved $65,000 in marketing and still increased his attendance
  • A simple way to train your scare actors and keep them coming back
  • How to build permanent structures without spending lots of cash
  • How one mistake cost Greg $1,000s of dollars and hurt his attendance
  • Using side shows to entertain your guests as they wait in line


We also play some Scary Christmas Tunes from Sam Haynes. He is also giving away 5 Digital Downloads of his CD “Spine Chillers”!! You must be a member of HaunTopic Radio to enter. You can subscribe here for free.


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Creating ‘Wasted: A Stoner Zombie Comedy’ with Steve Kasan

wasted zombie comedyIn this episode of HaunTopic Radio, we discuss the making of ‘Wasted’ with Steve Kasan, actor and producer, and the journey the crew has been on as they try to make this TV Show a reality.

Ideas to concept. Acting while working a day job. Film competitions. Producing on a budget. Marketing a Zombie comedy to the masses. And how to survive it all!

Steve also gives you some tips on How To Produce Your Own Horror Movie, His Favorite Zombie Movies, & How To Mix Horror with Comedy.


The world is a big waste according to four friends who spend most of their time discussing zombies while getting drunk and high. When the dead actually do rise they must use their limited knowledge and skills to survive.

Wasted breaks the rules of prime-time comedy with edgy multicultural characters and situations that poke fun at race, religion, taboo topics, and the zombie genre itself. This show will present how they deal with the world before and during the zombie outbreak, often resorting to the past in order to face the future. ~Comedy Coup


Wasted placed in the TOP 55 in the Canadian Comedy Coup competition for the CBC (a television network in Canada). But the team isn’t going to stop there. They are still moving forward and gaining traction along the way. And you can help!

If you enjoy Zombies, horror comedies, or just want to support them in their path of survival….Click on these links below to help them out by spreading the word to your friends.


Haunt Topic Links:

Like ‘Wasted’ on Facebook

Follow ‘Wasted’ on Twitter

More Videos & Media about ‘Wasted’

Music by Sam Haynes


The more we support independent film makers and special effects artists, the more awareness we bring to the Horror industry. Which is like a cousin to the Haunt Industry.

Watch the video below and check out their media outlets and support their rise to the top by sharing. One contest may be over…but let’s see if we can make it happen anyway!


“It’s like Pineapple Express meets The Walking Dead!”-Steve Kasan

Managing a Haunted Attraction with Mario Garit from Haunted House Makers

Haunted Hollywood SportsLast year we sent our West Coast representative Mario Garit out to Haunted Hollywood Sports (Bellflower, California) to interview some of their staff, navigate through their highly-detailed Haunted Attractions, and check out the zombie paintball zones they call Kill Houses.

A few months later they made him Haunt Manager.

In this episode of HaunTopic Radio, we talk to Mario about his opportunity to work with an amazing staff of Haunters and how to handle all the moving parts of managing a multi-attraction scare event. We also announce the winners of the Gore-Galore digital giveaway and play a short track from the Halloween Music Galore download library.

Mario Garit, from Haunted House Makers, has worked with many Haunted Attractions over the years. As well as created props and acted for movies such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and X Files. His well-rounded experience gives him the insight needed to add value to any Scare Attraction. While managing a Haunt is one of his favorite things to do; his passion for creating animatronics and props is high on his list.

This was Mario’s first experience working with a Haunted Attraction that uses live action paintball mixed with a haunted theme. Hollywood Sports is one of the largest paintball venues around which then transforms into Haunted Hollywood Sports through the Haunting Season. Over 23 acres of amusement becomes 23 acres of TERROR!

When you shoot zombies here, you are up close and personal. Kill Houses are walk-through attractions where the undead are hiding and you get to unload your paintball weapon as you navigate your way through mazes of darkness. The only downside….you want to do it over and over again. RELOAD!


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Haunted House Makers

Haunted Hollywood Sports

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Email Mario


The Winners of the Gore-Galore Giveaway Music Soundtracks are

J. Gonzales

Jimmy Castro

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