The Davis Graveyard: A Year of Resolutions and Scary Tidings

Posted 07 Jan 2012 in HAUNTER'S CORNER

  If you are involved in the Haunt Industry (home or pro), you have heard of Chris and Jeff Davis of Davis Graveyard. I am subscribed to their email updates and got this on January 2, 2012. You gotta check out what they are up to for the best year yet! Here’s the email…. “As we start the new year we thought we would begin by sending out an overview of our plans for 2012” 2012 Haunters DVD Set The deadline for submitting video or photos of your 2011 haunt is Jan 31st. ┬áThe response has been a little slow this year, so we encourage you to submit even if you have no video, a slideshow of photos of...

10 Habits of Highly Effective Haunt Leaders

Posted 12 Dec 2011 in HAUNTER'S CORNER

  “When I look at all of this, I think what we did was more like a Summer Camp. The traditions, hard work, perks, and lifelong friendships (and haunt romances!) gave each volunteer a shared unique experience the same as the best Summer Camp anyone will remember. That is what kept them coming back.”- Cynthia Brown of Haunted Theatre As a Haunt Leader, we all know that it takes a strong work ethic and a skill for balancing the art of business and family when operating a Haunt. Whether you are a Home Haunter or Haunt Owner, it takes leadership skills to accomplish a smooth night of cooperation and loyalty from your helpers. Cynthia Brown from the Haunted Theatre...

The Haunter’s Toolbox is Now Open

Posted 02 Dec 2011 in HAUNTER'S CORNER

  The Haunter’s Toolbox is finally here! I have been working on some type of free training series that is strictly focused on helpful information for Haunters by Haunters…and here it is. All you have to do is give me your email address and I will start sending you an email each week. I’m picking some of my older popular posts, adding some new one’s, and creating some special content just for The Haunter’s Toolbox Subscribers. Here are some of the things you’ll learn and get for FREE: Advice from Haunt Industry leaders and professionals. New posts from my blog instantly in your inbox. How-to articles on special effects, prop building, and designing your haunt. Get introduced and connected...

The Top 5 Haunt Podcasts For Haunters

Posted 23 Oct 2011 in HAUNTER'S CORNER

Here are some of my favorite podcasts and radio shows for my haunting fix. Podcasts and radio shows can be downloaded and put on your phone, iPod, MP3 player, or you can listen to them when you’re surfing the web. Take a few minutes and check these audios out! HauntCast – Chris Baker and the minions provide Halloween Goodness with a lot of personality and humor. Geared mainly for Home Haunters but excellent information for all Haunters. Each podcast comes out once a month and is packed with interviews, meet and greets, prop tutorials, and a new band from the horror music genre. Say hi to Skully and Grimlock for me. Rotting Flesh Radio – Jonathan Johnson and the...

Haunter’s Guide To Recruiting Volunteers and Keeping Them


It’s 7:30 pm…5 actors are here…30 minutes before show time. Now we just need 10 more actors to fill every assigned spot. Are they going to show? I know it’s Saturday night and they’re teenagers; but they should still be here like they said two weeks ago. 7:45pm… We’ve all been there. That mysterious place between confidence and worry. Hoping your team arrives when they are supposed to. Trusting them to be as passionate as you are about this sport of chasing the scare. But the truth is- if you are the one building the home haunt, directing the big haunt, or being a leader in your choice of dark creation-then you probably have more invested in this than...

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