CFX: The Evolution of Silicone Masks & What It Takes To Make One

Posted 25 Sep 2012 in INTERVIEWS, PODCASTS

Composite Effects

In Episode 26 of HaunTopic Radio we interview Wes, Ken, & Diana from CFX or otherwise known as Composite Effects. We unmask each one of them and learn more about the silicone mask making process, where they get their creative inspiration, and how the silicone mask is an excellent tool for any Haunter.

If you have never witnessed these masks in action…it is a completely different feel & look than latex or foam products. Yes, they do cost more than most masks but if you figure in time, convenience, & effectiveness; CFX masks can actually save you money. And once you try one on-you may not want to take it off.

We didn’t get to all of your questions from facebook & twitter but I’m sure we’ll have them on again. Also, this episode is a bit longer than normal- I just couldn’t edit anything out. Come on…we just couldn’t kick them out of the HaunTopic Lair without draining most of their blood first….



COMPOSITE EFFECTS WEBSITE: View the latest masks and make your own design.

COMPOSITE EFFECTS ON FACEBOOK: Stay in touch and maybe win some prizes.

COMPOSITE EFFECTS ON TWITTER: Tweet them and see what they can do for you.


Stay tuned for our next episode with The Unknown Scare Actor on Oct.6th when we talk about

using fear to scare your guests!

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Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. Lee Alder
    26 September 12, 9:56am

    Great Interview! I knew silicone masks were out, just didn’t a few of the tips. Like applying powder.
    This shows the quality of the interviewer(s) to have more than an hour long podcast!!

    • 28 September 12, 8:48pm

      Thanks Lee! And thanks for your review on iTunes. We really appreciate it.

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