How To Keep Your Haunting Passion Alive!

Posted 27 Apr 2011 in SLIPPERY SOAPBOX

I remember my first real Haunted Attraction when I was 16. Scared out of my mind! The old Liberty Theater. An abandoned theater built in the early 1900’s. Solid red brick construction with weathered white Jester faces staring down at me. They seemed to be laughing at my foolishness of being scared. The windows were all broken and the J.C’s had left the old candy trapped in the dusty display cases. The odor of mildew and coldness crept from beneath the heavy crimson drapes that divided the theater. I could feel history all around me as I was pushed deeper into the belly of the beast. I could feel my pulse in my throat- I knew I was going to die…

…after many Haunted Attractions later and growing wiser through the years, I decided that this was who I wanted to be when I grew up. I feel excited when I talk about scaring people. I turn on tunnel vision when I am acting, building, or writing. I am always teaching myself new ways of discovering the world around me. If the topic has anything to do with haunting, scary, or different…my ears usually perk up.

My first experience with scaring the crap out of people was unique. My cousin and I would deck out my upstairs bedroom of my parents 100-year-old house and force my brother and his brother to go through. I know…a bit mean but what else are you supposed to do with little brothers? They always liked dares anyway. We would make dummies out of stuffed t-shirts and wigs. Create our animatronics with a rocking chair and a shoe string. And projected shadows on the wall with a flashlight and action figures. After watching our little victims scream I knew that scaring people was in my blood.

Everyone got smart and stopped going through our haunted bedroom. No matter how much we pleaded. I lost that battle and began to fantasize about being a successful special effects wizard or a top mask maker. I rushed to the grocery school to purchase the next issue of Fangoria Magazine on release day just to be the first one to smell the pages. I dreamed about anything related to horror and the family around it.

Fast forward about 20 years and here I am. I graduated high school, served 5 years in the United States Navy Seabees, and now I am a letter carrier in Missouri. I was reaquainted with my childhood passion when I received the opportunity to act at my first real haunted attraction 6 years ago. It has been a raging fire since. I acted for 3 years at 13 Houses of Horror in Hatton,Missouri. Then my brother and I built and operated BackWoods Terror in Centralia, Missouri for 2 years. Last year I decided that I would not have the time to operate a pro-haunt so I took my creativity and decided to pimp out my garage. That was fun too! I have always liked creating my own props and sets because it gives me a way to support my ‘picking shit up out of the trash’ habit, as my wife calls it. Sometimes I feel like a borderline hoarder…

I will continue to keep posting all my new ideas, thoughts, and useful information on my blog. If anyone is interested in guest posting on my blog or would like for me to contribute to their site- contact me. I am that overly passionate type (or some call it OCD) that is always trying to improve or teach myself something new. As long as I am excited about Haunting then all my posts will be the same way. I do not want to feel like this is a job because I always want to keep this stuff fun.

I want my mission to be about educating you about my view on topics in this small but enormous tribe called the Haunt Community. I want to provide entertainment for the first time home haunters to the veteran mentors like Ben Armstrong. I will include interviews with top leaders, real-time action tips, and creative ideas to keep you on your game. Feel free to offer to guest post, offer ideas, and share current news that other haunters need to know. We are all united because we share a dark passion that a lot of others do not understand. So we tend to feel comfortable around other weird people who like to make scared people wet themselves. This is who we are. This is who I am…

Let me know who you are? Who are you that is reading my blog? If you made it this far then you must find something here that is interesting. If you want to support this post click that Share box. Comment on this post. Sign up to my RSS Feed. Or if you really enjoy my content take a few minutes to subscribe to my blog. I promise NO Spam and NO soliciting. Just my new weekly posts in your inbox.

This is how I feed my passion. How do you keep your haunting passion alive?

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  1. 06 February 16, 6:56am

    Love the haunted bedroom!! Favorite part of being in the entertainment business is hearing the laughter after they screams, it’s food for the soul.

  2. Jamesmb113
    26 September 11, 4:05pm

    It seems we have a lot in common. I remember my first haunt (back in KY) – a barn the Jaycees had set up. It was guided, and somewhat story based, featuring a character that was kind of a cross between Jason and Jumping Jack flash. (Rumor has it, he played by a couple of volunteers from the football team with roughly the same build.) The same setup in the same room, but very effective, funny and scary: someone tried to restrain him, perform surgery with craftsman tools, hang him, electrocute him, embalm him etc. He always escaped, chasing the screaming crowds out of the scene.

    I thought about it for days, talked about it for days, until my parents told me to shut up about it.

    26 years later, I’m stepping out of “lurk” mode (visiting these types of sites every halloween season), and volunteering as a blackout crew member in the local haunt.

    Have a great season!

    • 02 October 11, 7:57pm

      Glad to have you in our family. If you need any advice the door is always open.

  3. hauntedkimmy
    28 April 11, 4:26pm

    I just stumbled on your blog through Facebook and had to comment!

    I grew up in a family with a dad who put the haunt bug in me. 🙂 As a young child, we attended haunted hayrides and I remember loving them so much. When we got a little older, my dad started a yard haunt. It was simple, but the neighborhood kids loved it and it was always a measure of a good year when you counted the dropped Halloween candy buckets at the end of the night. Fast forward a few years and now I help plan and scare people in our haunt that benefits our fire company. I truly feel the same way you do…I live this stuff! I enjoy tinkering in latex, grunging up anything I can get my hands on, and envisioning my next costume and room themes. Last year I played a fortune teller with a crystal ball and an oujia board at my table. I had the crowds gather round as I read their of course very dire fortune. At the part where the spirits wanted them to “get out!”, the table popped up to expose a zombie head eyeball to eyeball with them. The thrill I got from that was immeasurable!!! Just watching their eyes fill with terror was the most fun I think I have ever had….. 🙂

    • 28 April 11, 6:03pm

      Great to meet you Kimmy! And I understand how you feel about the thrill of it all. My heart pounds when the customers get close. I get anxious dreaming about my next build. I already have the vision of my next business haunt when that time comes. At the moment I just scare the trick r treaters and make them drop their little candy buckets…

  4. Corlsndus Lang
    27 April 11, 9:51pm

    When i started out in six flags halloween event “Fright Fest” back in 98, i became so fascinated with the horror industry that surrounds haunted attarction buisness. It’s fun seeing patrons get scared and running for there lives. Years later i was given the task of coming up with 2 haunted attractions for the park, wich were a great success in 2009 and 2010 season. Being so gifted and creating such bizarre ideas and concepts of coming up with new scare tactics for haunt fanatics gives me the passion that i have everyday to do what i do, thats why im starting this buisness on my own and see were it takes me in the future, thats my passion, too see the frighten look on an unsuspecting patrons face. I live, breath, sleep, dream this everyday.

    • 27 April 11, 10:10pm

      Mr. Lang! Thanks for visiting my blog! I see you on Linked In all the time. You have some great ideas and I wish you the best. I also feel that haunting lets me combine my creativity, originality, and darkness into something many people do not understand- but makes me feel alive and free when I’m in it. Once you scare-it’s always there…

  5. damon
    15 March 11, 7:03pm

    Oh what fond memories I have of the old Liberty Theater. Did you know I was an actor there? We had the last room before you went upstairs to the balcony. We had the room with the cemetary and unearthed coffin and the grave robbers scene. You will have to tell me if you remember that! But ya I miss that building to this day. I remember going to see many movies when I was a kid there. And helping the J.C’s with the haunt was alot of fun! Its too bad that building no longer exists. It would have been a great landmark to have saved.

    • 15 March 11, 7:26pm

      I remember when they tore it down. So sad….didn’t know you were an actor there. I remember that a little bit. I remember the guys head under a serving platter and squirting stuff out when she lifted up his head. I remember standing on the balcony and watching everyone from upstairs. I think my dad used to have part of a head from the building.

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