How To Make Foam Weapons (plus 13 Halloween/Haunt Songs to Die For)

How To Make a Foam Weapon
How To Make a Foam Weapon
Prop Design by MadCity Haunt

Happy Halloween!!

It’s really Halloween all year long…isn’t it?

If you’re anything like me, you are always planning & thinking about the next October before the current October ends.

Well…after you grab your pen & paper to jot down these awesome tips from MadCity Haunt on How To Make Foam Weapons; we want you to RELAX to these creepy and eerie soundtracks from some great Halloween/Haunt/Horror Musicians (with a few surprises thrown in.)

No interview this episode. Just an awesome way to make that Sledge Hammer in the pics included in this article and a new way to make any foam weapon. Plus a bunch of twisted tunes to keep you motivated the rest of the month.

You like surprises right??


mad city prop
Prop Construction by MadCity Haunt



Here is a list of the some of the dark musicians you will hear in this episode:

  • Gore Galore
  • Midnight Syndicate
  • Prelude to a Nightmare
  • Mystary
  • Sam Haynes
  • The Night Keep
  • Throne of Anguish
  • Verse 13


Thanks again to Mad City Haunt for his detailed tutorial on Making Your Own Foam Weapon! I also throw a tip in there on How To Keep Your Foam Tombstones in Your Yard. Plus, Gore Galore is giving away 2 Soundtracks of their creepy sound effects digital downloads!

Win a Special Effects Download from Gore Galore!!

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Gore Galore Music

gore galore sound effects