Fright Masters: Scare Acting, Keeping Volunteers, & 20% OFF Your Next Prop

Posted 14 Sep 2012 in HAUNT NEWS

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In Episode 25 of HaunTopic Radio we chat with Damon Carson of Fright Masters Props and House of Fright. Damon has loved Halloween ever since he was a little boy & has turned his passion into building props for other Haunters. We discuss Things You Can Do To Keep Volunteers Coming Back, a few Classic Horror Movies You May Have Not Heard Of, and Some Of the Biggest Challenges When Owning Your Own Haunt.

Damon has been involved with Halloween & Haunting for most of his life. Whether it was the horror movies he watched as a boy, helping the JayCee’s raise money by putting on a Haunt, or his experience in operating his own Haunt; Halloween has always been holding his hand along the way. And the kicker is…we have lived in the same town most of our lives and just met each other a few years ago.

Damon has offered to give all listeners 20% OFF ¬†ON ALL PROPS AT FRIGHTMASTERS.COM until Halloween & the prize donated this month is a $50 Gift Card from Fright Masters as well. On Frightmasters you will find props, commercials for your Haunt, & a few other items for your next Halloween project. Speaking of prizes…


The Winners of Fright Times Magazine: John Wherry & Shawn Morse

The Winner of the $50 Gift Card from Fright Masters: Bo Sommerville


FIND DAMON HERE:– Click here for 20% OFF your next Halloween Props

Friend Damon on Facebook– Look Damon up and say Hi.


KICKSTARTER PROJECT: 1031 COMICS– If you like Comic Books & Haunted Attractions- You’ll love this!


Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. John Wherry
    23 September 12, 4:21pm

    Good Interview. I will be contacting Damon Carson about a Haunt Prop Idea.

    • 24 September 12, 11:27am

      John I would love to talk to you! Feel free to give me a call or text me if you like. My email is We would like to work with you. Thanks for the interests and the nice comments!
      Damon Carson

  2. 16 September 12, 10:29pm

    I had to mention Brian went through the Jaycees haunted house when we helped with in back in 1990 i believe. He said that was his first haunt! So we were probably some of his first scares! LOL! That was a great building with alot of great memories from when it was open to the time it was closed. And then when it was opened for the Jaycees haunted house. Unfortunately that building was torn down. I want to thank Brian and Daryl again and hope you all enjoyed listening! Looking to meet new haunters in the haunt industry! So add me to your facebook I will do the same! Happy Haunting Everyone!
    Damon Carson

    • 16 September 12, 10:33pm

      Yeah Damon…you popped my cherry! Man I wish they still had the building here…what are they doing with the old jail?

      • 16 September 12, 10:37pm

        They are actually putting another pawn shop in that old jail. I cant say anything good about the one haunt that was in it. But we will leave that at that. Take it easy man! Keep cranking out those interviews and shows guys!
        Damon Carson

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