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Posted 05 Feb 2011 in HAUNT BUSINESS TIPS

I stumbled across a hidden gem while working on my own business. A FREE way to get your Haunt ranked high in Google in just a few easy steps! No ad-words, no fees, no catch! Follow these simple steps to have your Home Haunt or Haunted Attraction reach out and get everyone’s attention! Let me show you how.

  • First, you need a Google Account. Most of the horror geeks out there already have a google account but I really didn’t use mine until a few months ago. You can use your existing email account to sign up for this account. I have a side local business that I own and decided to list my business. After these simple steps now it shows up at the top of google search page for places and maps. I have now done this with my home haunt. Here are some screen shots I captured as I was listing my home haunt. It’s really simple. Click Here to get started.
  • After you sign up for a free account-list your Haunted Hot Spot. Just follow the next few easy steps to get your business located. The phone number is not a real number so please don’t call it. My address is correct.
  • Use a unique phone number for your business. Only if you have another business listed on google with the same number. I haven’t tried to use the same number but I assumed that is why they verify your number with your account.
  • Sit back and let Google take care of the rest! I don’t remember getting a verification letter in the mail. I think they emailed me a link or something. Either way follow up with the instructions they give you. Do Not try to cheat the system with multiple business’ or names.  Be honest and you will be on your way in the top of your area! If you run into any problems email me at

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  1. Derek
    11 June 12, 1:27pm

    I recently setup a website that both home haunters and professionals can submit their haunts to. So if you want to get even more exposure, submit your haunt to our listings at

  2. 17 October 11, 11:40pm

    Hmm, never thought of using Google Places to set up for your haunt… Thanks Brian!

    • 02 November 11, 10:16pm

      Sorry it didn’t get more trick or treaters to your house. 🙁

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