Halloween Shows & Haunt Conventions: Why You Need to Go and What’s the Difference?

Posted 26 Mar 2012 in PODCASTS


Halloween Shows/Haunt ConventionsIn Episode 6 of HaunTopic Radio, we discuss Why It’s Important to go to Haunt and Halloween Events and maybe help you discover some shows you didn’t know about. We’re taking a few clips from the Transworld Haunt Show 2012 and a few other surprises along the way..

I made it back from the Transworld Halloween & Haunted Attractions Show and survived the Crazies at the Insane Shane Party. I spent Thursday night with my wife dancing with freaky characters (some small and some large) and recorded lots of video and audio for HaunTopic Radio from the Trade Room Floor on Friday & Saturday. Over the next few episodes we will be including all of our guests and friends we ran into at the show and highlighting some of the Topics that every Haunter should know about.

I also want to Thank all of my friends who met up with me at the party and show. I won’t list them all because I don’t want to forget anyone, but you all know who you are. It is way more important to meet your friends face-to-face than any facebook page any day! I hope to have all of you as guests on the show sometime so we can finish our conversations.

Here are some of the voices you will hear on Episode 6 of HaunTopic Radio:

Leonard Pickel: HauntCon & Hauntrepreneurs.com

Shane Dabbs: Insane Shane Party & Disturbia Haunted House

Grant Brott: Haunted House Start-Up

Dan Krein: Souls of the Foresaken

Michael Edwards: A Haunter’s Life & Brain Chow Studios

Michael Bruner: The National Haunter’s Convention 

Matthew Flagler: Canadian Haunted Attraction’s Conference

West Coast Haunter’s Convention

GoblinHaus.com: List of Conventions & Shows


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Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. 29 March 12, 8:46pm

    Ramathltol , to answer your question – that voice starting up at the beginning – that’s me ( Michael Bruner co-owner of the National Haunters Convention.)

    Enjoyed the podcast !

    • 29 March 12, 10:45pm

      Michael. Glad you liked the podcast! I think I have some more from you to soon be released…

  2. 29 March 12, 6:46am

    Glad you like it. What is your favorite part about the show?

  3. John Wherry
    28 March 12, 9:46pm

    Love the Podcast, More Please soon. It’s time to start designing & planing this years haunt.

    • 29 March 12, 10:47pm

      John..it will be here before we know it. Got some great ideas for this year! You?

  4. scarynoyes
    27 March 12, 4:01am

    FYI the Grant Brott: Haunted House Start Up link is the wrong link. It takes you to Disturbia

  5. 26 March 12, 1:25pm

    lol NM my coment ,, should of listened to more of the show intro was there

  6. 26 March 12, 1:22pm

    had a quick question on EP 6.. when i listened to it it soundes like you posted only part of the Episode, sounds like you started right in the middle with some one talking, not sure who it is, there was no intro at all. was this intended ?

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