10 Different Ways To Advertise Your Haunt

Posted 10 Oct 2010 in HAUNT BUSINESS TIPS

Every Haunt owner knows that marketing for your haunt can make you or break you. Here are a few cheap tips to get your haunt noticed and to hypnotize all those scarelings into your haunt…maybe never to come out again…Ommmmm…..sorry, it’s getting close to Halloween…starting to slowly tranform into my alter ego…..let’s go on a mass murder marketing spree….

Alot of these ideas were taken from HauntWorld Magazine/Issue #2/page 10/By Billy Messina/The Netherspawn Haunted House/Atlanta,GA

  • Social Media: If your still living in your crypt, wake up and walk into the light. Start a Facebook page, Twitter account, Haunt Forum, Haunt chat room, etc. to get that word out locally. These networks are like a wildfire. If people like your haunt they’ll talk about it and want to add you as a friend.
  • Get a Hearse. Put your info on it or maybe just a creepy picture and your website.  Go to car shows or just drive in a parade with people in costumes. Think about how many people go to these events!
  • People love free stuff! Make up some stickers, buttons, tee shirts, or anything with your name on it. Give away free tickets and do something big your first weekend, “the first 20 people get in free” “the first 50 buy one get one free” Get aggressive!
  • Scarey Squad. Buy a spot at a radio station to come out to your site for an evening, of course giving away more free stuff. Then ask them if you can come out to other locations that they may be sponsoring- or just show up – in costume! Send your scarelings to football games with flyers and coupons, walk into bars (make sure your actors are over 21) and be in character the whole time,  parades, festivals, media locations, sporting events, school drama club events, etc. Use your creative mind. This usually always increases attendance. Any publicity is good publicity.
  • Buy cheap WANTED ads and ask for help burying bodies, unburying bodies, looking for an undead bride, etc.
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper or school flyers in the Open Forum and be as creepy as possible-but still getting your vibe across. Send invites to all your friends on Facebook. Send text messages to all your contacts that say “free 5 dollars off if you show this text at the door”. They’ll bring someone else too!
  • Get a professional flyer and put it everwhere! Make a logo. Put it on everything. Have your actors help put them up and hand them out wherever you show up.
  • Call radio DJ’s with a creepy voice and get your name out there. Send them free tickets to come to your event. If the DJ’s like it they will talk about it!
  • Again! Start a blog, youtube show, easy to navigate website, twitter account, etc. Social media is HOT right now. Take advantage of it!
  • Be creative. Take any opportunity as an open door. Actually listen to that little voice in your head that your sometimes afraid of. If it sounds like a good idea-it probably is!

If anyone else has any good ideas about marketing for your haunted attraction, email me on the contact form on the left-hand area of this site.

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  1. 15 October 10, 12:53am

    “Mr. Negativity” here to provide balance to “Mr. Blind Enthusiasim”.
    As a cheerleader yelling “Killem!” ..and then the football player actually kills the member from the other team…well, cheerleading is good for generating enthusiam as long as people remind themselves that things can go wrong and sometimes terribly wrong if you don’t think first.1 hearses turn some people off..alot.
    Hearses at a car show unless it’s a hearse car show might not go over so well.
    “Free Stuff” (to give away) is not “Free”, it can cost many $1,000s of dollars for YOU to buy.
    Sending your goon squad to a football game ended with our haunters running for their lives as someone yelled, “Kill the monsters!” Franky and the peasant villagers all over again!
    Parades are OK if it is not a certain themed parade, if you know what I mean. Angry faces from the sidelines may inform you you screwed up by simply showing up.
    “Putting flyers everywhere” will get you in trouble in the real world where pollution is really not highly thought of, yes papers everwhere, blowing around will provide your name and number to those who need to complain about your mess. Other businesses don’t like your mess in their parking lot.
    Aint it hell when an adult steps into the party!
    HAHAHAHA! “aDULT?” wHO mE?

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