Spyder’s Web: Haunt & Halloween Bloggers, Facebook Groups, & What Happened to Darryl?

Posted 29 May 2012 in PODCASTS

Haunt Bloggers, Halloween Bloggers, Halloween WebsitesIn Episode 14 of HaunTopic Radio we spin our new segment “Spyder’s Web” where we wrap up with a few of our favorite bloggers, facebook groups & pages, and talk about the real trauma Darryl has suffered over the past few days.

Halloween & Haunt Bloggers are those passionate few that really enjoy sharing their dark adventurous lives with the rest of the world. Running a website/blog is a very demanding task if you are not enjoying what you are writing. That may explain why 95% of all bloggers stop writing or posting within the first 90 days. You must be willing to help others, enjoy sharing your daily/weekly experiences, and stay dedicated to your craft. These bloggers we have listed are just a few of our fellow friends who have influenced us in one way or another. They are all definitely worth a few minutes just to see if they can help you discover new ideas or maybe you can relate to their passion for all things scary…

Facebook Groups & Pages provide updates, ideas, & relationships. Here are the ones we tend to hangout at and a few of our picks where you can find information about Haunting, discover new friends to link up with, & join small communities that share ideas with each other. (We mentioned many on the podcast that are not listed here.)
Congrats to the winners of this month’s give away! Robert Dean wins a Copy of Fright Times Magazine & Mark Sloat wins a copy of Dark Ride from Prelude to a Nightmare. Make sure to play next month, we’ll be giving away more prizes.

What are Your Favorite Groups, Favorite Blogs & Websites, & Favorite Places to Hang Out?

Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. 29 May 12, 11:36pm

    John- Each month we will announce the contest on the first episode of the month. We will be including more chances to win as we get more prizes to raffle. There are new sponsors donating in the months ahead. Maybe even next episode. Unfortunately, you will have to re-enter each month.

    Dean- Your welcome. You have a distinct writing style & captured our attention. We look forward in seeing much more from your blog.

  2. 29 May 12, 5:28pm

    Well, I just can’t say thanks enough for mentioning my blog Brian and Darryl. I always love the show and of course this was no exception. You mentioned a few blogs that I have not discovered yet, so you connected me to them, which is wonderful. I always appreciate what you both are doing with the podcast, your blogs, and websites.

  3. John
    29 May 12, 10:42am

    So are there going to be separate contests for the other 2 cds/magazines or are you just going to keep the 8 entries you got. Awesome podcast 🙂

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