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How to Start a Haunted House Business (Online Training)


Are you confused about where to start when it comes to operating your first Haunted Attraction? Are you a current Haunted House Owner that is looking for new ideas and techniques to carry your scare business to success? Then you have came to the right place!

Now you can learn from the professionals in the Haunt Industry without leaving your home. All of our classes are online and require no special equipment. You can even watch these training videos on your tablet, phone, or media device of your choice. Just find the recorded seminar that you like, go through the payment process, and start learning in the next few seconds.

 What You Need to Know Before You Go Into the Haunted House Business by Leonard Pickel

Leonard Pickel- How to Start a Haunted House Business

  • Why do most Haunted Attractions fail within the first 3 years?
  • Do you really have what it takes to succeed as a Professional Haunted House Owner
  • How much money should be spent on Marketing your Haunted House?
  • Where should you open your Haunted Attraction?
  • What codes should you be concerned with when designing your Haunt?
  • Save time by learning from Leonard’s years of experience and mistakes
  • Save money by learning the truth behind Haunt Ownership before you jump in
  • Will you make money your first year of operation?
  • and much, much more….


How To Recruit, Train, and Manage Haunted House Actors by Allen Hopps

Find More Haunted House Actor Training Tips in This Seminar

  • How to find actors, recruit them, and get them to stay all season
  • Training techniques & tricks to bring out the best in your actors
  • Save time by managing your scare acting team efficiently
  • When to hire and How to fire your employees
  • What kind of personalities make the best actors
  • Why actors are so vital in a Haunted House’s success
  • Proven acting strategies that will increase your actors realism
  • Bonus material about actor training and actor techniques
  • and much, much more…


Low-Cost Guerilla Marketing Ideas for New Haunt Owners by Gail Strumberger

    Low Cost Haunted House Marketing

  • Low-cost advertising ideas so you don’t have to blow your budget
  • How to get your community involved
  • Do hanging flyers & Ad Cards really attract customers?
  • Do you have a website yet? There are free options…
  • Increase your attendance by using Google’s platform
  • Use your Facebook page to sell ads and run contests
  • Cheap merchandising trick that may attract more customers
  • Vending. Sell your food & drink to keep the crowd satisfied
  • ..and much, much more.


Step By Step Haunted Attraction Design. Inside and Out. by Leonard Pickel

    Advanced Haunted Attraction Design Training

  • Step by step Haunted Attraction Design from concept to blueprint
  • Creative ideas to get you started
  • Design your own floor plan with free tools
  • Layout options for best scares and throughput
  • Codes and safety regulations explained
  • Using multi-element attractions for increased revenue
  • How you can switch up your theme without rebuilding
  • How much does it really cost to start a Haunted House
  • and much more….


How To Create a Back Story for Your Haunted House (and Use It In Marketing) Dana Martin

    How to write a back story for your Haunted House

  • Learn how to use the art of story telling in your Haunted Attraction
  • How creating a back story can actually save you money in advertising
  • How marketing your attraction just got a whole lot easier
  • Create a great theme that will keep your actors motivated
  • Easy to follow steps to write your own back story
  • Learn the most important things you need to know before designing your Haunt
  • Tips that will keep your actors coming back every season
  • Sample back stories you can use for inspiration



  1. Joshua Greenlee
    24 March 13, 4:58pm

    Yeah I paid for the seminar on March 13 and was unable to attend due to a meeting for my current haunt. Can I still watch the seminar that I paid for or how do I get to see it?

    • 26 March 13, 7:14am

      Joshua- I sent out an email with all the info about viewing the recording, an audio download, & Bonus material. Check your email inbox (maybe your spam box) and let me know if you have received it yet. If not, I’ll be happy to send it again. Thanks for attending!

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