Haunted House Tips and Online Resources for Halloween/Haunt Projects

Check out more Halloween & Haunted House Information at http://scaryvisions.com

Check out this audio podcast on Halloween & Haunted Houses!!In episode 52 of HaunTopic Radio we dive down into our secret interview archives and dig up some clips you have never heard. We focus this episode on Tips & Tricks from other Haunters, Advice from the Haunt Experts when operating your Haunted House, and Where to Find that Tutorial You Need for Your Last Haunt Project.

We bring in Leonard Pickel (HAuNTcon), Kelly Collins (MHC), Eric Lowther (Haunted Overload), Rich Teachout (Asylum Haunted Screampark), Kristy Noble (Noble Manor), & Travis Russell (Camp Nightmare) to shed a little light on your dark projects. Advice you need as you are building, some marketing tips, project tips, and more haunt tips while you pound away in your workshop.

We also took a poll on our social media sites and asked you where you go for Haunt Projects, Haunt Tips, Haunt Tutorials, and inspiration for your next Halloween/Haunt project. Below is an active list of all the websites you mentioned. Don’t get lost…

Online Haunted House/Halloween Resources: (picked by Haunters)

  1. Haunt Forum
  2. Halloween Forum
  3. Garage of Evil
  4. Haunt World Forum
  5. Haunt Space
  6. Scary Lady Videos (YouTube)
  7. Stiltbeast Studios (YouTube)
  8. Hollywood Haunter (YouTube)
  9. Haunter’s Hangout (YouTube)
  10. Haunt Project
  11. Halloween Monster List
  12. Scary Guys
  13. Instructables
  14. Stolloween
  15. Dave Lowe Design
  16. Haunt Nation Magazine
  17. Haunter’s Hangout (facebook)
  18. Haunted Attraction Industry (facebook)

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Where is your favorite place to find Haunted House or Halloween Information?

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