Behind the Scenes of HAuNTcon: An Exclusive Interview with Leonard Pickel

Posted 09 Apr 2012 in HAUNT NEWS, PODCASTS

Haunted Attraction and National Tradeshow ConventionIn Episode 8 of HaunTopic Radio we get a behind-the-scenes interview about HAuNTcon with the “Haunt Godfather” and Owner Leonard Pickel. Leonard is the co-founder of the Haunted Attraction Magazine, Consultant at, and a list of achievements that I couldn’t fit on this page. Come on…he’s been around the Haunt Industry for over 35 years! But we’ll have more on Leonard in another episode, we had to cut it in half. The next episode with Leonard Pickel will include his insights on Building a Haunt and Things to Know Before You Get Into the Haunt Industry. So Subscribe to The Haunter’s Toolbox to Get The Next Episode Straight to Your Inbox.

HAuNTcon will be at the Monroeville Convention Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania on May 3th through May 7th. Visit over 20 Haunted Houses and get behind-the-scenes tours. Go to the Tradeshow and buy something. Dance in your favorite scary costume at the Costume party. Learn from the hours of education included with your admission.

Attending HAuNTcon or any convention always provides plenty of value for the price of going. Think of these conventions as investments. The money you pay for the adventure to get there. The cost to get behind the velvet curtain and the comfortable hotel room. Food, drink, and entertainment with your haunt buddies. The props and accessories you’ll want to buy at the garage sales and endless vendor booths. Visiting all of the those Haunts behind-the-scenes and actually taking your time to walk through and take pictures. The education. The new relationships.

An investment.


HAuNTcon Website: Buy Tickets and Get On the Mailing List

HAuNTcon Videos: Over 90 Videos of HAuNTcon Goodness


Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. John F. Wherry
    12 April 12, 5:42pm

    Love the Leonard Pickel interview. How about listing the web links talked about in the podcast? Have you finish the editing of the interview with The Bloodshed Brothers yet? Can you interview the leader of the Garage of Evil network?

    • 12 April 12, 7:45pm

      We have more information with Leonard coming soon. The Bloodshed Brothers will be in the next show. Guess we’ll have to get Steve on here too. Thanks John!

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