The Best Places to Buy Halloween & Haunted House Supplies. (picked by Haunters)

Halloween SuppliesWhere do you buy your supplies for your Haunted House, Home Haunt, or Halloween Display?

In this episode of HaunTopic Radio we asked you where your favorite places were to purchase masks, make-up, props, animatronic parts, sound effects, decorations, and general haunted house supplies. And YOU delivered!

Keep in mind these questions were answered by a variety of different haunters. Pro Haunters, Home Haunters, and Beginner Halloween Enthusiasts. Answers vary from places like Scare Factory to Picking Up Materials Off the Curb! There are 1,000’s of places to acquire haunt supplies but these are the ones hand picked by you. Check out the list below and see if your favorite store is listed.

We also introduce a new segment called The Haunter’s Toolbox hosted by a fellow HaunTopic crew member- Matthew Hampel. In this ongoing segment Matthew will cover all scary things we find on the web. Cool haunt products, Haunter YouTube channels, Halloween information websites, and other valuable places online to get your haunt on!


Here is the list of the best places to find Halloween & Haunt supplies (picked by you):

  1. Top Pick- Fright Props
  2. Monster Guts
  3. eBay/Amazon
  4. Home Depot/Lowe’s/Find it on the curb (build your own)
  5. Spirit Halloween/Halloween Express
  6. Haunted Props
  7. Haunted House Creations
  8. Distortions
  9. Halloween Asylum
  10. Froggy’s Fog
  11. Gore Galore
  12. Midnight Syndicate/Audio Zombie (Audio)
  13. Creepy Collections
  14. Master Fog
  15. Scare Factory
  16. Darklight Lighting
  17. Creature Corps
  18. Spooky Dimensions
  19. Poison Props
  20. Nethercraft
  21. Shop of Horrors
  22. Haunted House Makers
  23. Fright Ideas
  24. Haunting FX
  25. Nightmare Factory
  26. Bloody Mary (make up)
  27. Creeped Out
  28. Frightmasters
  29. Party Galaxy/Buy Costumes
  30. Oriental Trading Company


Did your favorite place make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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