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Posted 07 Sep 2011 in INTERVIEWS


I have gathered together some videos and articles about Eric Lowther from Haunted Overload located in New Hampshire. Have you seen his GIANT creations he builds from telephone poles? Amazing! I’ll try to give you some video and pictures to help you visualize these monstrous creatures. If you have time, you really need to view All the links in this article to get a true feeling of the journey Eric and his team have taken.

I ran into Eric on the Hauntworld Forums and I was amazed at his story. Home Haunter turned Pro. Makes his own telephone pole creatures. Likes to hang out in the woods. Easy going guy with Haunting somersaulting in his mind like a possessed gymnast. What wasn’t there to like about him.

Unfortunately, I submitted my interview questions too late in the Haunting game and wasn’t able to get Eric in text; but I’m starting to get into recording interviews on audio so maybe I’ll get him over on Skype soon. Would you want to listen to an interview podcast or mp3 on the website or iTunes?

Here are my favorite videos and interviews about Haunted Overload:

How Eric Went From Home Haunter To Pro! – I could not get this video embedded in my site- but you gotta watch this one. It’s a google video and it is an interview with Eric 4 years ago when he was a Home Haunter. Watch this one first.

Haunted Overload Review By B Movie Geek – A written interview about Haunted Overload and Eric’s  journey that got him to where he is today.

Construction Of Haunted Overload – If your into building sets and designing Haunts; this is a must watch! I have included the video below.

Haunted Overload: It’s Alive!! – Cool finished scenes from Haunted Overload. I’ve included this video too; but don’t forget to go check out the other links I’ve included. You won’t be disappointed.

More Cool Links To Check Out:

Haunted Overload YouTube Channel

Haunted Overload Website

Eric On Hauntworld

Find Eric On Facebook

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  1. 03 October 14, 5:38am

    […] Before & After Videos: A post I did last year about Haunted Overload. […]

  2. 06 June 12, 1:11pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article and all the videos that go along with it. I watched them all and it was a blast. I appreciate how you listed them in order—from home haunt to pro.

    • 07 June 12, 7:13am

      Thanks Rob! Need to get Eric on to go over some advice for those starting out…

  3. 07 September 11, 9:37pm

    Thanks a lot Brian! I’m sorry I didn’t get those questions answered in time.

    It’s been crazy this year. We need to get ready much sooner for the taping of the Weather Channel’s Top Hallow Screams show. Featuring their top 10 picks for outdoor haunted attractions. It is a huge honor to be picked for the show. Much to be done to be ready in time for the filming.

    Let me know and I’ll record answers to any questions you want.

    Have a great season and I’ll talk to you soon!


    • 08 September 11, 7:03am

      Thanks Eric. Congrats on the Weather Channel spot! I’m sure you’ll be well received. And we’ll get together after the season for the rest of that interview..

  4. 07 September 11, 9:35pm

    This haunted attraction was the most impressive thing I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing these videos. To begin with, a forest is an awesome location for something like this. I loved the haunted trees and scary face entrance. Just perfect. I’d love to take a look around this place while no people are there. I watched a related video that showed the actors who haunt this place. They were incredibly scary!

    • 08 September 11, 7:04am

      Thanks Justine. I want to go but it is a bit of a drive for me. 🙂 Maybe one day…

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