Haunted Overload: No Halloween or Haunt Project is Too Big for Eric Lowther

Posted 06 Sep 2012 in PODCASTS

Haunted Overload

In Episode 24 of HaunTopic Radio, we finally get Eric Lowther on the phone from Haunted Overload to get some advice on the steps from Home Haunting to Haunt Owner and How To Grow Your Haunt Business the Smart Way. Haunted Overload is an outdoor Haunted Attraction located in Lee, New Hampshire that Eric built & moved twice due to expansion and some business evolutions. You can find 30′ large scary creations made from telephone poles, foam, and recycled materials. If you can imagine a tall ghastly beast lurking in the forest- you will probably find it at the Haunted Overload.

Eric walks us through his journey as a Home Haunter that outgrew his house. Where he gets his inspiration for his large creations. Why the forest is so damn scary. Why to get involved with charities. A few tips on the business side of haunting. Plus so much more…

Haunted Overload has been featured in HauntWorld Magazine, Halloween Nation, Top Haunts, and many other media outlets. To find out more about the Haunted Overload make sure to check out the links below.


Buy Tickets! Get them while they have them…

Haunted Overload Website: If you live in New Hampshire or close…gotta check it out!

Facebook Page: Get instant updates.

Before & After Videos: A post I did last year about Haunted Overload.


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Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. Patrick Nottingham
    11 September 12, 6:06pm

    I’ve been following this haunt since he was home haunting. Every year I plan to make the drive, but sadly never do. I might treat myself to a trip to Boston for my birthday so I can hit this and Salem on the same weekend. Now to check on flights . . .

    • 12 September 12, 7:12am

      When you go….stop by and pick me up. 🙂

      • Patrick Nottingham
        24 October 13, 8:42pm

        Finally went last weekend. It was total badass. The scale of these props really can’t be grasped until you see them. Most of the haunt felt like walking through an Evil Dead set with everything being built out of natural wood and stuff from the environment. It was very organic and creepy as f@$k.

        • 09 November 13, 6:07am

          Now the Legendary Haunt Tour will be featuring Haunted Overload and a few more next year! I soo want to go!

  2. John Wherry
    06 September 12, 3:33pm

    I loved the interview, more please. After Halloween how about check back with the Bloodshed brothers and the others interview about their haunt season? When are you guys going to interview Steve of the Garage of Evil network? How about interviewing some haunt prop builders too? Like DC props, etc..,?

    • 12 September 12, 7:13am

      Contacted Steve…it’s in the works!!

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