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Posted 02 Dec 2011 in HAUNTER'S CORNER


The Haunter’s Toolbox is finally here!

I have been working on some type of free training series that is strictly focused on helpful information for Haunters by Haunters…and here it is. All you have to do is give me your email address and I will start sending you an email each week. I’m picking some of my older popular posts, adding some new one’s, and creating some special content just for The Haunter’s Toolbox Subscribers. Here are some of the things you’ll learn and get for FREE:

  • Advice from Haunt Industry leaders and professionals.
  • New posts from my blog instantly in your inbox.
  • How-to articles on special effects, prop building, and designing your haunt.
  • Get introduced and connected to other haunters like you. Get their emails, facebook links, and other information so you can contact them directly.
  • Links to valuable resources such as how-to videos, cool websites, and information you can use today.
  • Instant access to me. I check my email everyday and respond to each one.
  • No spam. No commitment. Your email address will not be shared. Cancel anytime.
I hope you enjoy this program and share it with your friends. If there are some ideas you want added, just let me know. The more of your input I receive, the better the Haunter’s Toolbox will be. If you are currently a subscriber, you will begin to receive the same emails soon. I am consolidating all of my lists to make it easier for me to be efficient.
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Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. 19 February 12, 3:54am

    Cool idea! Looking forward to what you have to offer.


  2. Mark
    25 January 12, 6:53pm

    How about all about Transworld. How to sign up, the best places to go, etc.

  3. 24 January 12, 11:30pm

    I’m very excited to see where this goes, and I totally agree with HauntChick about story development. Can’t wait see what’s next!

  4. Cyrice
    24 January 12, 10:59pm

    Love the idea and think it will be a great way to bring the community closer and help those that are in need of good resources.

  5. Kevin Dells
    26 December 11, 8:43pm

    I love this idea and it’s something we have tried to establish through facebook but never worked,i think with a website it will.

    Im saving to my favorites now and i would love to write articles and such,i have a few seminars i already teach that i could put into writing. Will there be different area’s of the site that will showcase articles and How to’s as im not seeing that yet?

    An introduction spot would aslo be nice with an area to post haunt resumes.

  6. RC
    04 December 11, 2:36pm
  7. RC
    04 December 11, 12:47pm

    Based off of the wording, I imagine you also want subscriber-submitted content, how can we submit them?

    • 04 December 11, 1:41pm

      RC-Do you have a website or email I can reach you at?

  8. Grim Daddy
    04 December 11, 2:03am

    This looks like a good idea. I hope it works out well.

  9. HauntChick
    03 December 11, 4:42pm

    I’d love to. How long should it be? And when do you need it by?

    • 04 December 11, 8:55am

      Haunt Chick, I sent you an email from my personal email. Let me know what you think.
      Grim Daddy, I hope so too! I’ve gotten about 15 more subscribers already. I just want to give back to those who have helped me for so long.

  10. HauntChick
    03 December 11, 1:30pm

    You should do a piece on why it’s important to give life to your haunt and character’s stories. Stories are what Halloween is all about. A well presented “legend” gets your audience emotionally invested in your live presentation. Marketing can be centered around your story, and it’s the best way to get word of mouth heated up. It’s a small detail with a huge impact, one that is overlooked way too often.

    • 03 December 11, 4:35pm

      Good idea! Do you want to write something up?

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