haunTopic Radio Comes Alive!! Episode 1

Posted 13 Feb 2012 in PODCASTS

If you have been following Darryl Plunkie or Me on facebook you may have seen a few teasers about a New Podcast/Radio Show for Haunters that we are producing. Well, here is our very first episode of haunTopic Radio, a podcast by Haunters for Haunters. Before you go listen (by pushing that little play button below) let me go over a few things about our process.

  • We will be producing a new podcast every other week. We have some interviews lined up, some good topics to cover, and many great ideas to add into the podcast. (The podcast will soon be added to iTunes and other podcast directories)
  • haunTopic Radio will be around 30 min long. Each episode will cover a “Topic” that covers something in the world of Haunting, Haunted Attractions, Halloween, Home Haunting, Horror, Interviews, Trade Shows, Listener Feedback, and more. We will try to stay within that topic through the whole podcast. (Maybe a little rambling between friends, but we’ll try not to bore you.)
  • You will find updated episodes here, on hauntopic.com, and on dEdmonton.com. (If it’s not there yet, check back soon.)
  • We want to include your feedback on the podcast. We will be setting up a voice mail number soon so that you can call in your suggestions and comments. Until then you can leave a comment below or use our MANY forms of social media to give us feedback:


Facebook Page

Email: info@hauntopic.com

  • Be patient. haunTopic Radio is new. If you come across a problem like an unplayable link, low quality audio, or other obvious problem let us know and we’ll try to improve it. We NEED your feedback to help us mold haunTopic Radio into the podcast you want to listen to and share with your friends.

So enough of my rambling. Here is the player button. Click on it and let us know what you think:

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Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. 27 February 12, 11:58am

    Finally have a few free moments to really check out the show (not just playing in the background) and I have to say – very cool guys, keep up the good work.


    • 02 March 12, 7:16am

      Thanks Chris! You coming to Transworld this year?

  2. Kevin
    19 February 12, 11:04am

    Enjoyed your show great site looking forward to more

  3. Gates of Delirium
    14 February 12, 8:04am

    good to hear u dedmonton…..good luck ….

  4. Jim Douglas
    14 February 12, 12:56am

    Not bad. Keep it loose and have fun with it! You could do shows like “Top 10 ways to _____” and spend time on each point. Ever consider a video show with demonstrations or slide shows?

  5. wolfgang harker
    13 February 12, 8:48pm

    super clear! would love to see more prop building shares..and inspirational stories ,rare stuff,……love this podcast cant wait for mooooorre!!!

    • 02 March 12, 7:18am

      We’ll be adding new segments as we go. Have LOTS of ideas. 🙂

  6. Scottsquatch
    13 February 12, 2:43pm

    Great job guys! Looking forward to more.


  7. 13 February 12, 1:20pm

    Great first show guys, good to see more podcasts getting put out on these topics.

  8. 13 February 12, 12:42pm

    Congrats on the new show and looking forward to hearing more 🙂

  9. 13 February 12, 11:24am

    I like the new podcast. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  10. 13 February 12, 11:01am

    The haunttopic radio sounds kick ass. I can’t wait to hear more. I’ll see you at Transworld brother.

  11. 13 February 12, 10:19am

    Would love to have a segment for Long Islands first Macabre Faire taking place during Friday the 13th weekend in April out in Rockville Centre, NY. An event where Renassaince and Creepy things meet under one roof to exhibit and freely enjoy their bizarre side. We also have The Living Dead Mafia who every October bring you the theatrical plays. Look forward to hearing from you. Hey maybe we can have a Live Podcast at the event. That may be interesting.

    • 13 February 12, 9:26pm

      Sounds like a great idea! Are you involved with either of these events?

  12. John Wherry
    13 February 12, 9:59am

    Love the podcast & the website. Please do audio interviews of the Haunters in the know. Can you add a download Link for the podcasts. Would love to load the podcast on to my MP3 player for long trips.

    • 13 February 12, 9:28pm

      John-Working on getting all the links published and set up in iTunes and other places. Gotta have a download. 🙂

    13 February 12, 9:39am

    Great job guys.. cant wait till the next one..

  14. 13 February 12, 9:34am

    Great intro guys can’t wait to hear what you guys bring out over the next few weeks!

  15. Sharon Lacaskey (Joiseygal)
    13 February 12, 8:38am

    Great job guys! I hope you guys continue the podcast show. I really enjoyed it!

  16. Mark
    13 February 12, 8:01am

    Very nice and audio very clear. Sounded very professional and both of you sounded great together. Like you had been doing podcasts for years. Wondered if you will have shows as mp3 so I could listen on the train ride to Transworld? Also do you have a direct link to shows and a banner so I can support you with a link?

    • 13 February 12, 9:30pm

      We’ll make some banners and host them on our site for anyone who wants one for their website. It’s on our list. Thanks for the idea!

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