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fog scents

fog scents




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Homemade Fog Scents
These make great secret reaper gifts!

I started testing some custom scents. I read everything I could regarding essential oils, and fragrances oils (which isn’t even an oil).
After testing the safety of the fog vapors on both the eyes and mouth, as well as the safety of using it in a fogger; I have come to
the conclusion that it works just as good as the commercial stuff, and is safe. I experimented mixing fragrance oils together for my
custom fog scents. The price is a little bit less vs buying ready made scents, plus it’s more fun to make them yourself! This isn’t a
tutorial, so much as it is a recipe guide. As with all fog scents; the fogger should be flushed with fog cleaner or distilled water-vinegar
when putting it back into storage. When making custom fog scents, wear rubber gloves, if you don’t…your hands will STINK!

These scents are concentrated and should be added to aprox 4 gallons worth of fog fluid depending on scent.
You can use a child’s medicine spoon to measure the the right amount for smaller bottles of fog fluid.

Conversion Guide:
6 tsp = 1.0 oz of fog scent (2-3 gallons)
3 tsp = .5 oz of fog scent (1 gallon)
1.5 tsp = .2 oz of fog scent (half gallon)
.5 tsp = .1 oz of fog scent (1 quart)

Here are the recipes:
each fragrance oil bottle/vial is .5 oz
some recipes require 1 oz
(do not use essential oils)

Directions: Mix together in glass mason jar.
Close with lid, let scents mellow for 2 weeks.
Then open it up and add it to the fog fluid.
Each fragrance makes approx. 4 gallons worth of fog.
Use a measuring spoon for smaller fog fluid sizes.

Circus Gothica
Step right up ladies and gents…
anise .5
cottton candy .5

No Igor. The other Switch! BOoM!
leather 1.0
lime .5
campfire .25

The smell only an alligator would love!
campfire .25
rich potting soil 1.0
rain .5

It was Prof. Plum in the Library with the pipewrench!
basil 1.0
amber 1.0

I wish I could bottle this stuff as Twilight colone!
anise .25
black cherry .5
leather .5

That rotting earth scent you’d find opening a buried casket!
potting soil .5
dill pickle .25
amber .5

Burton’s Nightmare
This smell happens when two holidays collide!
anise .25
pumpkin 1.0
spruce .5

Susie just killed patient 030020 in the courtyard!
lemon grass 1.0
popcorn .25 (smells like urine in small doses)
linen .5
genuine leather .5

*Walk the Grounds
Now you too can smell like the Groudskeeper, and that malnurished pooch!
tall grass 1.0
rich potting soil .5
rose 1.0

Candy Corn
For those that want to give TOTs a sugar coma!
candy corn 1.0

*Harvest Hayride
A ride through the pumpkin patch…in scent form.
pumpkin 1.0
cedar 1.0
tall grass .5

Charred Corpse
Frank, this meatloaf is fantastic! Where’s Mom?
campfire 1.0
leather .5
indian musk .25

Witch’s Brew
Like the Yankee Candle fragrance.
patchouli 1.0
dragon’s blood .5
cinnamon .25

This scent is in TOXIC ‘cading!
Indian Musk 1.0
clove .5
rich potting soil .5

Moon Doggy
I’d call this scent Jacob; but I’ve already made a Twilight joke.
Mary Jane 0.5
cucumber mint 0.5
oak moss 0.25

Zombie Breath
This scent will send your nose on a journey…to the cemetery.
patchouli 1.0
dill pickle .5
butterscotch .25

The smell of a voodoo rite, minus all the blood and KFC chicken bones.
Dragons Blood 1.0
clove .25
oak moss .5

*Fog Smell Eliminator
Removes that slightly sweet smell associated with fog.
sage 1.0
lemon grass .5

*tested scents.

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