How to Make Your Own Mask and Where to Buy One…just in case.

CFX Mask

CFX Mask

In Episode 10 of HaunTopic Radio we discuss the essentials for Molding Your Own Mask, Where to Get the Supplies, & Where to Buy One if you don’t want to spend the creativity & time to do it. Making your own mask for the first time can be a rewarding and learning experience & designing another one will be too. With a little cash and a few hours you can have a few solid molds that you can replicate many masks from and hand them out to your actors. Make each one different with a unique paint job, tears, half-masks, hair, scars, etc. Heck, you can even let the actors design their own. It’s a Haunt….things are supposed to be strange.

What we discovered on this journey of mold making & mask vendors…..there is an endless supply out there! Information overload on how to make one and 100’s of stores selling them. So by no means is this ALL of the resources we found. We HIGHLY recommend buying from your local hobby stores & factories before buying online. But if you don’t have that luxury here is the next best thing. These are just a few from recommendations from our facebook friends and personal experiences. I had many more I wanted to list but I forced myself to stop. You’ll find videos, FREE E-Books, and How-To Guides to get you on the right track on making your own. We also provided a few mask vendors to check-out.

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have you ever made your own mask?

Facebook Comments from:

GutRot Effects with so many vendors and companies catering to the fx artist out there … make sure you do your homework on what web-sites and vendors you get your supplies from ,, there are many variances in quality and price . so look before you buy.. building a relationship with the right vendors for you haunt or sfx business is very important in many ways , from prices to shipping times to the quality of the product you get from them..”

Claire Brooksbank Supplies – Far West Materials, or Georgie’s (local pottery supply – has gallons of slip latex). Ideas…. my brain, generally. Lots of video game inspirations, though.”

Damon Carson Best mask company for quality, wearablity, comfort, and movement and price! Hands down Zaggone Masks! Chicago Illinois!”

Chris Haynes Mehron is where we order our liquid latex (by the Gallon) from. It’s Hollywood quality like everything else they sell. Makes any other liquid latex we’ve tried look like watered down junk! Also get the little bottles of coagulated blood from them too.”

Allan Bennett CFX for silicone, Death Studios for latex.”

Jeff Davis For masks I think Death Studios makes the best quality. For supplies I shop at They are not the cheapest but the quality and consistency are top notch. They also have a large selection of products and are always coming up with better and more innovative ones.”

“Kyle Arruda I just my mold stuff from BITY like everyone else. They rock, and their YouTube videos are helpful! I also use Monster Makers, fx warehouse, and smooth on. Never had problems with any! They all rock!”

Jim Shackelford Clay and plaster we get from a local pottery supply place by the box/bag. Latex we order by the drum. Silicone and other smaller quantity products we purchase from a place here in Dallas called Bitty Mold Supply.

Alex Lohmann We by lots of stuff from Bity, Latex, silicons and tints, prosade, skin illustrator, etc…. We get some of our clay from him. He get most of our airbursh makeup at the hobby stores. We get a couple of things from the Wolfbros at trade shows and a couple of specific things we get at Norcostco in Dallas like the Ben Nye Thick and Scabby Blood that we like.

Beth Johnson We get most of our mold supply stuff from Douglas and Sturgis , Smooth-On and Monster Makers. Most of our make up supplies come from Frends Beauty Supply and a local store.

Katie Lane I luckily have a great local makeup shop (Jinxed), but I also order Mehron from Evilusions and mold supplies from Monster Makers.

Shawn Morse Ben Nye and Graftobian (I love their blood gel) stuff from local costuming store and simple supplies from local dollar store.

Auburn Haunted House Paint and Powder, Morris Costumes and Graftobian (for airbrush there is nothing better)


MAKE YOUR OWN MASK: (All sites listed sell products.)

BITY Mold Supply on YouTube: 114 Videos, 11,958 Subscribers, & almost 7 Million Views!

BITY Mold Supply: Supplies & More Info.

Smooth-On: How-To Articles on Mold Making & a FREE E-Book on Mold Making & Casting

Smooth-On: Over 50 FREE Videos of Mold Making & Special FX 

Monster Makers: Make Your Own Half-Mask

Monster Makers: Supplies & Links to More How-To’s

Douglas & Sturgess: Mask Making Supplies & Other Art Stuff

FX WareHouse: Special FX supplier that has been around since 1985.


OR BUY ONE INSTEAD: (These are just the ones we mentioned here. There are MANY more.)

1313FX Fright Zone: Large selection of Latex Half-Masks with a wide strap for comfort. Avg price: $20

Mostly Dead: Foam Latex Masks & Prosthetics that you can paint yourself. Avg price: $35

Zagone Studios: Movable mouth latex masks known for comfort and price. Avg price: $50

Trick or Treat Studios: Creative and retro vibe to these latex masks. Avg price: $55.

Death Studios: A reputable latex mask maker that ‘s been around awhile. Avg price: $75 

Shattered FX: Silicone mask maker with half-masks and full-masks. Avg price: $299 (half-masks)

Immortal Mask: Silicone mask maker that states they have the strongest masks. Avg price: $525

CFX: A popular silicone mask maker with very realistic masks. Avg price: $569.


 Buy Music Here from Midnight Syndicate has heard in the show.