The Insane Shane Party and Other Things To Do at Transworld

Posted 01 Mar 2012 in PODCASTS

“The curious queue line wraps around the lobby and out the door. I feel the vibrations from the deep bass in the music but can’t quite understand it. Zombies and SteamPunk Creatures weave through the crowd. I try to push the excitement deep down so no one senses that I’m a newbie at this. As the line gets shorter, I feel the sweat breaking through my skin as it signals me to remain calm. The last time I felt this way was at the entrance to my first Haunted House. But this felt different. This was the Insane Shane Party…”

Transworld Halloween & Haunt ShowIn Episode 3 of HaunTopic Radio we interview Sue Gray from the Insane Shane Party and ask her what you can expect this year at the party. More vendors donating over $35,000 in prizes for you to win. A $300 grand prize for the best costume. And enough music, food, and friends to keep you engaged all night!

I attended last year and had an awesome time! Made some new friends and won 5 Haunted Portraits and an Oblivion Mask. It was an experience that I still carry around with me. Where else can you party with all of the Kings & Queens of Scary and still feel that you are in the middle of a Haunted Attraction. Dancing with creatures of the night, winning cool prizes, and actually meeting those friends that I only get to see once a year.

Click on the play button to hear our interview with Sue Gray and a little extra information pertaining to the Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show. If you enjoy our interview, please leave a comment below or share this with your friends.


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Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. John Wherry
    02 March 12, 11:28am

    I love the Podcast series, More please soon. Will you be doing a Live web cast from Transworld? How about an interview with Leorad Pickel or the Bloodshed Brothers. How about interviewing JJ of RFR Podcast too? Maybe interview a Psychic like Chip Coffey or the Guys of GhostLab? Maybe Vist Real Haunted sites?

  2. Mark
    01 March 12, 7:30pm

    Been going to Transworld since 2005 but never went to the party. Maybe next year. Awesome podcast. And thanks for the information on the freebies.

    • 02 March 12, 7:13am

      Thanks Mark for the great feedback! So you’ll be at Transworld this year?

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