Juneau Studios and Using CGI Props in Your Haunt

Posted 20 Feb 2012 in PODCASTS

Listen to Episode 2 of haunTopic Radio with Jay JuneauEpisode 2 of haunTopic Radio includes our interview with Jay Juneau of Juneau Studios about how he operates his successful prop and haunted house supply store online. Jay has worked on projects from The Batman Costume to custom projects for The Knotts Scary Farm. His CGI (Computer Generated Image) Props and Animatronics can be seen in Haunted Attractions and Home Haunts everywhere.

We also discuss the difference between Juneau Studios and Pale Night Productions. Both companies that build animated props that use computer technology to bring ordinary props beyond the WOW factor. Listen to our interview to find out more…

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Here is a video of Jay’s Newest Prop “Shock Therapy”. Let us know what you think about this prop in the comments below.

Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. wolfgang harker
    22 February 12, 4:10am

    it is really insane when the made up burn victim pops out it totally shocked me.

  2. 21 February 12, 11:58am

    Love this teaser excellent work and with the live actor it saves alot of wear and tear on their voice during a night i like that also helps give a consistent experience to the audience

    • 21 February 12, 9:45pm

      Thanks for the comments guys. I wonder how many people will think it is 100% fake?

  3. wolfgang harker
    20 February 12, 2:12pm

    truly amazing! great prop!

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