Kristy Noble Talks Home Haunting, Halloween, & Making Props

Posted 26 Jul 2012 in PODCASTS

Twin StatuesIn Episode 20 of HaunTopic Radio, we interview Kristy Noble from Noble Manor & The Arizona Haunter’s Association about her insights as a Home Haunter for the last 10 years. We discover Why She Loves Halloween, Some Simple Prop Tricks You Can Use Today, & Where to Find Ideas for Your Next Halloween Project.

Each month we announce the winners of our monthly contest in our episode on the 26th. These are the lucky winners this month.

3rd Place (Fright Times Magazine): Lee Alder

2nd Place (Fright Times Magazine): Kevin Lancaster

1st Place (6 CDs Midnight Syndicate): Cyndi Noyes

Listen to Episode 20 with Kristy Noble Here:

Find More of Kristy Here:

  • Home Kristy’s Website
  • Kristy on YouTube– Over 310 videos of Haunting Goodness
  • Arizona Haunter’s Association- Cool place for Haunters in the Arizona Area to Meet Up

Websites Kristy Recommends for All Haunters:

  • Shadow of Palms– Come Chat With Other Haunters
  • Haunt Over 1,000 Prop How-To’s & Tutorials for FREE
  • Monster List– Huge List of Halloween/Haunt Projects to Keep You Busy All Year Long
  • StiltBeast Studios– Join Allen Hopps every Wednesday on YouTube for some Haunt Fun!


If you want to get more information about The Haunter’s Camping Palooza on August 3-5, 2012 in Green Bay, WICLICK HERE


Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. Bryan Barnes
    27 January 13, 7:31pm

    I am a new listener and first wanted to say thanks for putting this together. I have had many thoughts of doing this myself but the lack of time in the past made it nearly impossible. I am a new home haunter in my second season (just bought my house) and its been a life long dream to do this. I am going through your archives now and have enjoyed them a great deal. I am a member for My tag is ScareRookie and love the site and community. I have been asked several times why as a grown man I am so into Halloween and have had several different answers in the past, but one of the best answers I have ever heard was from a fellow haunter who explained it as this… “Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays are great but they are focused primarily on family and loved ones. Halloween is the one major holiday that brings people of all different cultures together for the same reason. To be scared and have fun. Its the only holiday where we are completely open and willing to have complete strangers come to our homes and share in happiness, excitement and fun.” I thought that was a perfect explanation and exactly what I love about it.

    • 28 January 13, 6:15am

      Bryan- Thanks for the great compliment! Looks like you have come to the right place. 🙂

  2. 28 July 12, 6:44am

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! Who is next on the chopping block….

  3. Lee Alder
    27 July 12, 3:40pm

    Great interview!! Glad to hear someone else thinks Halloween 24/7.

  4. Lee Alder
    27 July 12, 3:39pm

    Great interview!

  5. John Wherry
    27 July 12, 1:16pm

    Love the interview. For more people to interview in the haunt world, What about Shawn & Lynne Mitchell of the ” How to haunt your house” Book series (1through 3)? They run the Mitchell Cemetery home haunt. Again I loved that Ed was interviewed by the Big Scary Show. Maybe interview the manager of Halloween Overload. How about interviewing the company HaunTek Keep up the good haunting work.

  6. Steven Reeves
    27 July 12, 8:14am

    Excellent interview

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