Dr. Phobia’s Madness

Posted 24 Oct 2010 in HAUNT NEWS

In 1991, when Dr.Phobia began to conduct extensive research and unorthodox experiments in his lab, he was known for his intelligence and dedication to the human body. As the years passed by he slowly dissappeared from the social scene and withdrew from typical medical research. Collegues and other medical professionals labeled him an outcast because of his non-typical experiments and techniques.  Every October he reopens his laboratory to the general public to find new volunteers for his latest inventions. Many people have entered his lab, those who have managed to escape have told stories of horror and insanities. These stories have affected many people and they feel compelled to go see his lab and experience the madness for themselves.

Who really is Dr. Phobia? What does he want with so many people? When will his madness end?

 Travel to 7 Fairsite Dr, Mexico,MO to find out for yourself, between the doctor’s research time of 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm on Halloween night only. This is the only time when the doctor’s shock security system is disabled. I believe he might have kidnapped my wife and I need to find her. If you see Mary, tell her to stay there because I’m on my way to save her.


Posted by ScaryVisions


  1. damon carson
    25 October 10, 12:13am

    Thats pretty messed up he got your wife dude! LOL! Is Dr Phobia responsible for the Chupacabra?
    Damon House of Fright

  2. damon carson
    25 October 10, 12:12am

    Thats pretty messed up he got your wife dude! LOL!
    Damon House of Fright

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