Mark Cline: Sculpting Foam Monsters & the History of The Monster Museum

Posted 06 Aug 2012 in PODCASTS

In Episode 21 of HaunTopic Radio we talk to Mark Cline, the man behind The Haunted Monster Museum & the professional sculptor of many large foam & fiberglass creatures. His masterpieces can be found in theme parks, haunted attractions, & in many popular locations all over the country. Everywhere Mark goes he leaves his thumbprint. His creations are so popular that he has been listed on Roadside America, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, and waiting on an approval for a reality show.

Make sure to watch the slideshow below while you listen to this audio episode. It shows off many of Mark’s awesome foam & fiberglass sculptures. If that doesn’t satisfy you, then make sure to visit the links listed below. We found more articles & pictures from around the web. If you stick around on this show’s audio interview, you might learn a few tricks for your next paper mache project.


We also discuss the fire that devoured The Haunted Monster Museum in April and what the future holds for Mark. His plans have changed a bit but he still remains confident about where his journey is taking him. You might get some opportunities to learn from Mark on a more personal level in one of his classes.

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Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. 16 August 12, 11:06am

    Great interview! It was awesome listening to what Mark has done and what’s in the works. His impression of Leonard Pickel is spot-on!

  2. 07 August 12, 9:46pm

    Glad you guys liked Mark. He is so funny & talented! I heard the Air Movers had a recall- Do you own any? They are supposed to send you a repair kit to fix the problem Hope it all works out & no one gets upset with the company..and no one gets hurt.

  3. John Wherry
    07 August 12, 8:03pm

    Love the interview . Feel Sorry about the Monster Museum fire. Glad to heard that he is build more fun soon. Any word on the Air Movers product recall? What is next for the podcast show?

  4. Patrick Nottingham
    06 August 12, 12:51pm

    I can’t believe fire has destroyed his work again. I always wanted see the Monster Museum but never made the drive. Dammit!

  5. Lee Alder
    06 August 12, 10:11am

    Great interview! Love the fact he was in the ‘special’ class and yet he did well.

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