Ghostly Manor: One Of America’s Best Haunts

Posted 09 Oct 2011 in HAUNT NEWS, HAUNT VIDEOS

Who would have thought dressing up 24 years ago as Elvira and a Monster during Halloween Trick or Treating would have evolved into owning and operating a year round Haunted House recognized as one of Americas Best Haunts?  Bill & Jayme Criscione, owners of Ghostly Manor Thrill Center in Sandusky Ohio didn’t get there overnight.  In fact, opening night for Ghostly Manor was on a Thursday night in September of 2001 … not a good time for a Haunted House advertising terror, horror and fear. Founded in 2001, Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is an indoor, multi-attraction family entertainment center, dedicated to providing safe, thrilling entertainment at minimal cost to patrons. Located three miles away from Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, Ghostly...

The Scare-A-Torium Takes Over Dublin, Ohio

Posted 07 Oct 2011 in HAUNT NEWS

  Dialogue and theatrics are the best you’ll experience anywhere…great decor..houses the best acting we’ve seen in two years! – Ohio Valley Haunts It’s been more than 25 years since a haunted attraction operated in the Dublin area. The Scare-A-Torium, one of the scariest Halloween haunted attractions in Ohio, has relocated to the Dublin Village Center south of I-270 and Sawmill Road. The Scare-A-Torium provides two attractions with more than 50 creative scenes with a support staff of 80 actors, makeup artists and safety personnel. The last haunt in Dublin was operated by the Jaycees. They used to operate in old schools and abandoned houses, but requirements for sprinkler systems and costly safety features forced many of them to...

Haunter’s Guide To Recruiting Volunteers and Keeping Them


It’s 7:30 pm…5 actors are here…30 minutes before show time. Now we just need 10 more actors to fill every assigned spot. Are they going to show? I know it’s Saturday night and they’re teenagers; but they should still be here like they said two weeks ago. 7:45pm… We’ve all been there. That mysterious place between confidence and worry. Hoping your team arrives when they are supposed to. Trusting them to be as passionate as you are about this sport of chasing the scare. But the truth is- if you are the one building the home haunt, directing the big haunt, or being a leader in your choice of dark creation-then you probably have more invested in this than...

Happy Birthday Scary Visions!

Posted 22 Sep 2011 in HAUNT NEWS

September 22, 2010….my very first post as a blogger. I was listening to a few podcasts that were guiding me to the interesting journey as a hobby blogger; not sure where the road was going to lead me. As I brainstormed for my first word….nothing was coming out. No ideas. No topics. No direction. I had no blog and no idea what I wanted to share with the world. I consider myself more of an introvert with extroverted tendencies. I never enjoyed public speaking but I enjoy mingling in a crowd. My idea of a good time would be sitting inside the house reading a good book or doing something online. I also enjoy vacations with the family and...

Haunted Overload: Before and After Videos

Posted 07 Sep 2011 in INTERVIEWS

  I have gathered together some videos and articles about Eric Lowther from Haunted Overload located in New Hampshire. Have you seen his GIANT creations he builds from telephone poles? Amazing! I’ll try to give you some video and pictures to help you visualize these monstrous creatures. If you have time, you really need to view All the links in this article to get a true feeling of the journey Eric and his team have taken. I ran into Eric on the Hauntworld Forums and I was amazed at his story. Home Haunter turned Pro. Makes his own telephone pole creatures. Likes to hang out in the woods. Easy going guy with Haunting somersaulting in his mind like a...

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