5 Places To Find Free Special Effects Information (and still live to tell about it)


On my quest to find useful special effects resources for haunTopic and this blog, I uncovered a few websites and YouTube channels that you must check out if you’re looking for the latest in techniques, materials, or guidance. These sites offer a little bit of everything in the special effects area. BITY Mold Supply: Not only are these guys suppliers of awesome molding supplies and special effects materials; they provide some informative videos to help you with your next molding or special effects project. Backyard FX: An indy film website that focuses on low-budget effects but also has some Halloween related episodes that us Haunters can apply to our haunts. Click on this link to watch a video on...

Special Effects Secrets From Steve Siegelbaum

Posted 21 Jun 2011 in HAUNT NEWS, INTERVIEWS

“People want more today than just some black eyes and white face … The masses have become desensitized and are screaming for something different..more realistic gore , trauma , blood and high tech fx…”-Steve Siegelbaum This is part 3 of my interview with Steve Siegelbaum from Gut Rot Effects. If you have enjoyed this content, please leave your comments and feedback down below. I’ve been on vacation for a few days so I’m sorry this is a bit late. And if you have time after you read this -please go check out our new site dedicated to the Haunt Industry at http://hauntopic.com.   Any good brands you suggest? Make-up, appliances, etc. There are tons of products out there from...

How To Create More Special FX In Less Time!

Posted 04 Jun 2011 in INTERVIEWS

This is Part 2 of 3 with my interview with Steve Siegelbaum of GutRot Effects. He has worked on sets with George Romero and he even did make-up for Elvira. Here we discuss simple ways to help develop your make-up techniques more efficiently and some tips for bringing your Special FX artists team together while saving loads of time with your actors too! If you haven’t read Part 1 then read it first. Click Here! When setting up an assembly-type process in the make-up room, what are the stages for the actors and the artists? This all comes down to planning. The how, what and why of what you and the owners want to accomplish.. Room Set-up • Having...

Do You Have Everything You Need In Your Make-Up Room?

Posted 24 May 2011 in INTERVIEWS

I have to give credit to Steve Siegelbaum of GutRot Effects for this content. He responded quickly to my facebook question and so I reward him with a 3 part series explaining his make-up skills, being efficient in the make-up room, and the tools you need to be a quality special effects artist and actor. He has demonstrated his awesome skills in movies like Abracadaver, Prayer To A Vengeful God, The Lost Triangle, and Josh and Lucas. He has worked with haunted attractions as an actor and special effects artist and has been a guest on a few television morning shows. If you’re just starting out practicing your make-up techniques; you will still learn a lot from Steve. This is...

How To Keep Your Haunting Passion Alive!

Posted 27 Apr 2011 in SLIPPERY SOAPBOX

I remember my first real Haunted Attraction when I was 16. Scared out of my mind! The old Liberty Theater. An abandoned theater built in the early 1900’s. Solid red brick construction with weathered white Jester faces staring down at me. They seemed to be laughing at my foolishness of being scared. The windows were all broken and the J.C’s had left the old candy trapped in the dusty display cases. The odor of mildew and coldness crept from beneath the heavy crimson drapes that divided the theater. I could feel history all around me as I was pushed deeper into the belly of the beast. I could feel my pulse in my throat- I knew I was going...

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