Jimmy Talkington: The Mind Behind the Design

Posted 02 Dec 2010 in INTERVIEWS

  When you hear the name Thorn Web Designs you think: innovation, creativity, and DNA. Let me explain:  DNA is a long-term storage of information and is often compared to a set of blueprints, like a recipe or a code… Jimmy Talkington’s creations are just that! Original and each web design is its unique code or blueprint where valuable and long-term storage is needed! If you’re a Haunt Owner, Horror Junkie, or you just need a kick ass website- this is it! Each one of his realms of darkness is individual and designed around your particular needs. He is quick, knows exactly what you need, and easy to work with. I’m not sure I can squeeze everything I want to say about  Jimmy without...

Homemade Fog Scents

Posted 07 Nov 2010 in HOW-TO BUILD IT
fog scents

      This is from Eyegore at http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-step-step/92014-homemade-fog-scents.html Homemade Fog Scents These make great secret reaper gifts! I started testing some custom scents. I read everything I could regarding essential oils, and fragrances oils (which isn’t even an oil). After testing the safety of the fog vapors on both the eyes and mouth, as well as the safety of using it in a fogger; I have come to the conclusion that it works just as good as the commercial stuff, and is safe. I experimented mixing fragrance oils together for my custom fog scents. The price is a little bit less vs buying ready made scents, plus it’s more fun to make them yourself! This isn’t a tutorial, so...

How Not To Operate A Haunt: A True Story


  Scott had been building this Haunt for weeks. It wasn’t his building but he had about $10,000 worth of his props hanging on the walls, fog machines, strobe lights; just about 7 years worth of props put into this dark attraction. It wasn’t his own venture. At the last minute, an aquaintance begged him for his help because October was quickly arriving and ironically Scott was not going to be able to open his own this year due to financial situations. So like any good haunter would do, he said yes. The events that follow his decision will be difficult to digest by many and it may even piss you off a little bit. It may sound a little...

Dr. Phobia’s Madness

Posted 24 Oct 2010 in HAUNT NEWS

In 1991, when Dr.Phobia began to conduct extensive research and unorthodox experiments in his lab, he was known for his intelligence and dedication to the human body. As the years passed by he slowly dissappeared from the social scene and withdrew from typical medical research. Collegues and other medical professionals labeled him an outcast because of his non-typical experiments and techniques.  Every October he reopens his laboratory to the general public to find new volunteers for his latest inventions. Many people have entered his lab, those who have managed to escape have told stories of horror and insanities. These stories have affected many people and they feel compelled to go see his lab and experience the madness for themselves. Who really is Dr. Phobia? What does he want...

Walking in The Darkness: St.Louis’ scariest Haunted Attraction

Posted 13 Oct 2010 in HAUNT NEWS

The Darkness/1525 South 8th St./St.Louis, MO 63104 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY_rViMsUag http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNijbuAWL3I Why does the name “The Darkness” feel so overwhelming and sinister, like you’re smothering in an evil blanket of horror and fear and you can not escape? You take one step over that iron threshold and hold on to your partner as the adrenaline warms your body. The harder you try to suppress those feelings of disgust and anxiety, the quicker those feelings creep up on you like a zombie hiding in a dark corner. You begin to dread each corner of darkness, yet you must move forward because you know something is following you. No stopping now. One horrid picture after another. Are you really in a haunted attraction with actors and mechanical...

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