Creating Haunt Music with Prelude to a Nightmare..are you listening?

Posted 05 May 2012 in PODCASTS

Prelude to a NightmareIn Episode 11 of HaunTopic Radio we talk with Scott Karan, the man behind the creepy & whimsical sound of Prelude to a Nightmare. A new generation of Haunt Music has begun…

Scott didn’t realize how massive the Haunt Industry was until he started composing music for a Haunt that he was trying to help out. One piece of audio flowed into another and before long his dark journey into the world of  horror began. Click here to listen to 3 Soundscapes of Scott’s Music & an Interview with the man behind it all.

Like any artist; we grab our tools, find our ‘place’, & go to create. Scott Karan does the same with his talent. Here are some of the nice things his customers have said about him:

“Showcases the same magical whimsy as a Danny Elfman Score…it definitely sets the creepy mood.”
Rue Morgue

“Spooky and atmospheric, it’s perfect music for your moldering sanctum!”
Chad Savage –

“EVERYONE should have your Halloween album!”

Zombie Hot Sauce via Twitter

“If you’re a fan of music from folks like Midnight Syndicate or Nox Arcana then you’ll love the dark Gothic soundscape woven by Prelude to a Nightmare.”
Raven’s Burrow

Listen to the podcast to find out Where Scott Finds Inspiration to Fuel His Creativity, How You Can Start to Make Your Own Haunt Music, & How To Win A FREE CD from Prelude to a Nightmare. Just click that play button (you know you want to)…….


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Posted by Brian Foreman


  1. 12 May 12, 11:36pm

    Yeah..had to scratch MHC. Maybe 2013! Thanks for your comment Steve. Stay tuned for more Blood, Sweat, & Fears…

  2. Steven Reeves
    09 May 12, 7:54am

    Pittsburgh is the city yeah I win! Hey guys love all the shows I always listen but do not always have time to comment. Would have loved to meet you guys at Midwest. There still may be a chance but not counting on it.

  3. dean hunt
    06 May 12, 6:45am

    i just wanted to say that i have listened to and enjoyed all of your episodes from the beginning. ive been a home haunter since the 70’s and helped at pro haunts thru the years.

    • 06 May 12, 10:03am

      Home Haunting since the 70’s? Wow…what is the name of your Haunt?

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