The ScareHouse: Surviving the Horror Movie Inside the Haunted House

scarehouse-movieIn episode 56 of HaunTopic Radio, we strap Shawn Lippert from The ScareHouse Windsor to the chair and get the scoop about the horror movie that is being filmed inside his Haunted Attraction by D Films (part of Universal Studios). This thriller movie is titled The ScareHouse and his good friend Gavin Michael Booth is the one taking over his Haunted House to direct this film about a Haunted House that has a ‘real’ dark side!

The Scarehouse Windsor, located in southwestern Ontario, Canada, is 20,000 square feet of madness and provides the perfect backdrop to film a real horror movie. Canadian filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth has had a previous success in the Canadian Film Festival Circuit with his latest short film To Hell With Love and has confidence that this movie will deliver some scares to die for.

Shawn Lippert has a challenge setting up his Haunted Attraction this year as he has been helping build sets exclusively for the movie and navigating around extra equipment and crew for several weeks. We discuss how the formation of this movie happened, the background into The ScareHouse Windsor, and some ideas you can use to get a movie filmed at your location!

The ScareHouse Movie– When Corey and Elaina open a Halloween fun house on Devil’s Night, it’s all fun and games until their former sorority sisters begin to arrive. Quickly these six sisters are confronted by their past within the corridors of The ScareHouse as the night spins out of control.

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