How To Use Sound in Your Haunt with Ken Webster from Sinful Audio

Posted 13 Apr 2015 in PODCASTS

sinful audio sound fxCreating an immersive environment for your Haunted House is very important. Using sound and audio effects within your attraction can make your attendees feel that they are actually somewhere else. Sound taps into one of your five senses and adds to the overall impact of your show. You wouldn’t operate your haunt without lighting….you shouldn’t open your show without having a believable audio atmosphere.

Sinful Audio creates audio sound effects and custom soundtracks for Haunted Attractions and horror movies. We interview Ken Webster from Sinful Audio and get some tips on adding an audible experience to your haunted house. You can also purchase Ken’s sound effects that he has listed on his website or hire Ken to create a custom soundtrack just for your haunted event. We also play a few samples from Ken’s audio library of creepiness….so make sure you tune in.

We also have an exclusive interview with Kelsey Meeks founder of Ween Dream straight from theween dream costumesTransworld Halloween & Attractions Show. Ween Dream is a non-profit organization that provides costumes to children who can’t afford to go out on Halloween or who are limited by their physical and mental abilities. Yes…there are children out there that have never trick-or-treated before. Take a few of your extra costumes and donate them to a great cause!

We also throw in some twisted tunes and sound effects from Sinful Audio. A few free creepy audible environments and sound bytes that you can use in your haunt this year. Still make sure you check out Ken’s website and purchase a few compilations of your own. He has new soundtracks coming out this year.

Haunt Topics in this podcast episode:

We hope you enjoy this audio podcast of HaunTopic Radio and take advantage of all the sound resources around you. Create a great audio atmosphere for your Haunted House this year and donate some of your costumes to children who need to experience Halloween for the first time.

…..and we’ll Scare Ya Next Time!


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    […] that’s not all! Scary Visions and Sinful Audio have teamed up to provide some tips on using sounds in haunted attractions and the Textiles are offering a special download of one of the tracks they put together for a […]

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