Halloween Memories with Darryl and Brian (and a few extra guests)

Posted 08 Dec 2013 in PODCASTS

http://traffic.libsyn.com/hauntopic/Ep.62-Our_Halloween_Memories.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 28:58 — 39.8MB)Do you remember when the Halloween Bug bit you? Do you have unforgettable memories of Halloween when you were growing up? What do you do now to celebrate the month of October? We talk about our upbringings as children and young adults as the Halloween infection spread through our tingling unscathed virgin bodies. Halloween has a way of grabbing a hold of some people and not letting go. If you are still reading this post then you have probably been bitten by the Halloween Bug and can relate to this twisted obsession. You are not alone. We also add a few audio clips from a few of our guests...

HauntCon 2011: Get Your Haunt On

Posted 10 Apr 2011 in HAUNT NEWS, HAUNT VIDEOS

What is HAuNTcon? HAuNTcon is a celebration of people who love Haunted Houses and Halloween. It is three days and nights jam-packed full of Networking, Tours of area Haunted Attractions, Rockin’ Costume Ball, over 40 hours of Educational Seminars and Make-n-Take Classes–teaching the latest in Haunting techniques and a Tradeshow Floor featuring the latest in Haunting props and equipment. There is also a once-in-a-lifetime pre-show road trip that visits some of the best haunts in America! Crowne Plaza Hotel 830 Phillips Lane Louisville, KY 40209 (888) 233-9527 Whether you are a professional haunter, enthusiast or home haunter, I am sure HAuNTcon will be what you need to expand your Haunt knowledge and meet Haunters from across the country and...

Lesley Pratt Bannatyne: My Interview With The Halloween Goddess

Posted 04 Apr 2011 in INTERVIEWS

“I still think that Halloween is exciting NOT because there is a group of people sitting in a corporate board room trying to decide what we’ll buy, but because there are people sitting in garages, basements, and kitchens trying to come up with something really different and amazing. I believe that Halloween is still driven by we who celebrate it.”-Lesley Bannatyne   If you are not sure who Lesley Pratt Bannatyne is-shame on you. Not only is she the leading author on Halloween history and culture. Lesley has shared plenty of her wisdom about Halloween on Nickelodeon, The History Channel, Time Magazine, National Geographic, and even The World Book Encyclopedia! Her new book Halloween Nation: Behind the Scenes of America’s...

The Diary Of A TransWorld Madman: A Video Documentary

Posted 14 Mar 2011 in HAUNT NEWS, HAUNT VIDEOS

“I escaped the unbreakable death grip of The Dark Zone. Out ran the giant tree monster that tried to decapitate me. And I was almost buried alive but luckily I am still here. This was not a dream or a fantasy. This was Transworld.” Thursday, March 10th: Arrived at St.Louis at about 6:00 pm. Checked in at the Holiday Inn Select-Nice hotel and close to the America’s Center. Left my wife alone to pick up my friend Damon Carson from FrightMaster Props because he needed a ride to the Insane Shane Party. Went the wrong way down a one-way street with 4 lanes of cars just waiting for a green light to smash me. Made it back...

The Bloodshed Brothers: A Double Dose Of Halloween Passion

Posted 21 Feb 2011 in INTERVIEWS

I found these guys on YouTube…but how can you miss them? With over 80,000 channel views, almost 500 haunt subcribers, and close to 300 videos…one would think that their Halloween passion cup would be overflowing and creating an awful mess on the computer desk of life. Jeromy and Zachary Ball live and breathe Halloween! They drink from a bottomless cup of passion and keep refilling it everyday! Granted sometimes their topics are not specifically targeted on Special Effects, Halloween, or Home Haunting…however, as a Haunter you can always find something in their videos that you can relate to. Read my interview, check out their YouTube channel, and get inspired by the energy these guys radiate to the souls and minds...

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