Jimmy Talkington: The Mind Behind the Design


When you hear the name Thorn Web Designs you think: innovation, creativity, and DNA. Let me explain:  DNA is a long-term storage of information and is often compared to a set of blueprints, like a recipe or a code… Jimmy Talkington’s creations are just that! Original and each web design is its unique code or blueprint where valuable and long-term storage is needed! If you’re a Haunt Owner, Horror Junkie, or you just need a kick ass website- this is it! Each one of his realms of darkness is individual and designed around your particular needs. He is quick, knows exactly what you need, and easy to work with. I’m not sure I can squeeze everything I want to say about  Jimmy without writing a novel, but I’ll try.

My first encounter with Jimmy was on FaceBook. I saw his name on Chat and decided to shoot him a message. He responded and we exchanged a few words. Before I knew it, he was sending me a new logo for my website! I didn’t really tell him much about what I wanted and what he sent me was amazing! All in less than 60 minutes!

This is exactly what I had pictured in my head. I tried to make something like this myself a few months ago but failed. I believe he has a sort of sixth sense when it comes to the universal force of imagination. If there is such a force he knows how to tap into it! Just check out some of his other masterpieces.






Here are some true testimonials from customers:

Probably one of the easiest companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Professional, timely and most importantly… DELIVERS! I Definitely will recommend THORN WEB DESIGNS to others!

Jerry Vayne
The Haunt Rocker

Thorn Web Design did a great job with our site! Jimmy was professional, easy to get along with, and took the time to get to know what we were really looking for. He designed our logo and site from several simple ideas we had and it was completed in a few short weeks. It looks awesome and works the way it should, and has received many compliments. Jimmy is very knowledgeable and familiar with the genre and will make your haunted house themed web site come alive. I highly recommend working with Thorn Web Designs!

Jeremy Warner
Nightmare Zone Haunted House

And he creates more than just websites. Flyers, business cards, tickets, or just about anything you want for your business. He was born a natural when it comes to Halloween and Horror related stuff, as he explained in our interview. “As a young child I have always had a spot for horror movies. When I got a little older I started getting into haunted attractions and volunteering in them. I have always been a fan of Halloween and have continued to have a passion for it. Once I realized that the haunt industry was such a huge family and business I knew I had to go further into this to help keep this industry alive. I wanted to help them out by making haunted attractions look good online and in print and by helping them succeed year to year by good marketing. I figured if the haunted attractions are doing good and looking good, then the overall industry would do the same.” This passion for the industry explains what sets him apart from other website developers. I also found out that he is just a normal guy who loves to spend time with his family. He also likes to hunt, fish, play his guitar, and work at his day job at Ball Corporation. He lives in Ohio and admires everyone in the Haunt industry, especially those who are into design and dark art. His main principle as a designer is to keep his customers happy by providing the best product and being there beside them afterwards…every step of the way. This trusted method has earned him recognition with top Haunt vendors, sponsorship on Rotting Flesh Radio, and as a top well-known website developer in the horror industry. 

I believe Jimmy is a man of honesty and dedicated to nuturing the skills he was born with. He has received many compliments from top dogs in the industry and he has definitely earned my respect. And we all know respect in this community goes along way. And I’m not just putting him up on a tombstone because he is a sponsor of Rotting Flesh Radio. I’m usually a good judge of character and all of the voices in my head have told me to trust him…and I always listen to what they have to say.

And if you don’t want to listen to me then take Jimmy’s advice: “If you have a dream of doing something, DO IT, and don’t let anything stop you from getting it.”


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